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Academic Programs

Austin Peay State University is committed to offering undergraduate, graduate, and support programs designed to promote critical thinking, communication skills, creativity and leadership. Academic programs at Austin Peay State University in which students can choose to major are indicated below.

Music: Music Education with Vocal-Choral/Keyboard
Music: Music Performance with Keyboard
Music: Music Education with Instrumental
Music: Music Performance with Vocal
Music: Liberal Studies
Music: Music Performance with Composition
Music: Music Performance with Guitar
Computer Science- Computer Systems Concentration
Psychological Science and Counseling
Computer Science: Information Systems
Computer Science: Internet and Web Technology
Mathematical Finance Concentration
Computer Information Systems- Systems Development Concentration
Computer Science: Database Administration
Computer Science
Public Management
Communication: Information Specialist
Communication: Media Technologies
Communication: Print and Web Journalism
Communication: Corporate Communication
Communication: Public Relations
Communication: Broadcast Media
Communication: Internet Technology
Communication: Sports Broadcasting
Radiologic Technology: Radiography
Radiologic Technology: Radiography
Radiologic Technology: Radiation Therapy
Radiologic Technology: Sonography
Radiologic Technology: Nuclear Medicine
Criminal Justice
Management Technology: Restaurant Management Concentration
Chemistry: American Chemical Society Certified
Chemistry: Biochemistry
Geoscience: Geology
Geoscience: Environmental Hazards
Geoscience: Global Environment and Development
Geoscience: Geographic Information Analysis
Theatre and Dance: Design
Theatre and Dance: Dance
Theatre and Dance: Musical Theatre
Theatre and Dance: Acting and Directing
Social Work
Engineering Physics
Health and Human Performance: K-12 Teaching
Health and Human Performance: Applied Exercise Science
Health and Human Performance: Human Movement
Health and Human Performance: Public Health
Health and Human Performance: Health Care Management
Agriculture: Veterinary Technology
Agriculture: Sustainable Development
Agriculture: Agri-Business
Agriculture: Agri-Science
Agriculture: Agri-Communication
Agriculture: Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Medical Laboratory Science: Pre-Professional
Leadership and Organization Administration: Hospitality Administration
Leadership and Organizational Administration
Art: Studio Art
Art: Art Education
Art: Graphic Design
Liberal Arts
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics: Applied Mathemtics
Mathematics: Mathematics Education
Political Science: Legal Studies
Political Science
Engineering Technology: Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Engineering Technology: Construction Engineering Technology
Engineering Technology: Electrical Engineering Technology
Engineering Technology: Mechatronics Engineering Tecnology
Engineering Technology: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Engineering Technology: Automotive Engineering Technology
Engineering Technology- Electronics Concentration
Engineering Technology- Automotive Concentration
Engineering Technology - Construction Concentration
Engineering Technology- Mechatronics Concentration
History, BA BS
Philosophy- Ethics, Law, and Political Theory
History and Philosophy
Philosophy: Religious Studies
English with Licensure, BA
English: Professional Education Minor
English, BS
English, BA
English, Master of Arts
Foreign Language: Latin Specialization
Foreign Language: German Specialization
Foreign Language: Spanish Specialization
Foreign Language: Greek Specialization
Foreign Language: French Specialization
Foreign Language: French and Spanish Specialization
Foreign Language: French and German Specialization
Foreign Language: Spanish and German Specialization
Foreign Language: Classics Specialization
Finance: Economics
Management: General Business
Management: International Management
School of Nursing
Interdisciplinary Studies: PreK-3
Special Education
General Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies: K-6