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Student using equipment in the medical laboratory

Medical Laboratory Science: Concentration Biomedical Science Concentration

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Why Study Biomedical Science

Students will combine a love for science and laboratory work to provide laboratory testing for industry, veterinary laboratories, research laboratories and forensic science. This degree also provides a more flexible concentration curriculum for opportunities in a variety of healthcare graduate degree programs or specific skills required for positions in related industries.

This flexible program in Biomedical Science is for students that do not specifically plan to complete the NAACLS accredited MLS program.  Students in this unique concentration develop skills for work in public health laboratories, veterinary laboratories, forensic science laboratories, and other labs that are less patient focused and do not require national certification. Students in this program have greater flexibility in their curriculum allowing more specialization in specific laboratory subjects.  

The BSMLS concentration in Biomedical Science is designed to provide increased flexibility in your curriculum to prepare for a transition to the Medical Laboratory Science Concentration, graduate school in the sciences, or for laboratory careers in scientific fields related to diagnostic industries, veterinary testing, forensic science, or other laboratory technology-based careers.  

Medical Laboratory Science degree programs are taught and advised by board certified medical laboratory science professionals with expertise in areas such as clinical chemistry, diagnostic microbiology, blood banking, immunology, hematology, urinalysis, and laboratory management. Dedicated medical laboratory science program faculty are focused on student education and success including customizing elective courses for your laboratory career goals.

What will I Learn


Sample Course Plan and General Education Requirements

Medical Laboratory Science: Biomedical Science Sample 4 Year Plan

General Education Core