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Come with your ambitious goals and dreams. This is the place to transform them into a career that can change the world. We’re happy to help you get there.

Undergraduate and graduate degrees at Austin Peay offer a personalized and flexible experience, tailored to your specific needs. Day, evening and online courses are available across seven academic colleges and schools.

The journey is not an easy one but you won’t have to go it alone. The hard work we put in together makes great things possible.

Succeeding at Austin Peay

Every path to graduation is different and each student is unique. To help you find the best path for you, we offer the Degree Compass Program. The program matches you with courses that best fit your talents and program of study.

Our support is just beginning with this guide to map your coursework.

Faculty and staff are committed to your success on and off campus, fostering potential and creating an environment where you can shine and write your own future. The result? Students who excel in research, business, science and the arts.

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Dwayne Estes speaks at Grasslands initiative

Dwayne Estes, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology

When Dr. Estes founded the Southeastern Grasslands Initiative, he wanted to lead environmental change. Now, as Tennessee’s Conservationist of the Year, he’s well on his way to restoring some of the world’s most endangered habitats.

“This initiative is an attempt to restore bits and pieces of this ecosystem that we’ve lost over the last 200 years…The explorers who described (southeastern) prairies in the 1790s, they described buffalo and prairie chickens—things we don’t have any more. You have to remember, it was originally grassland for thousands and thousands of years before we got here.”


Karen Sorenson poses for photo in her office

Karen Sorenson, Ph.D.

Professor of French

If you want to learn a foreign language (and in today’s global society, you should), then you have to go aboard. At least, that’s what one of the state’s top foreign language professors believes.

“With our study abroad programs, we are giving Austin Peay students a chance to go somewhere else in the world and experience a culture and way of life that’s different from their own. And by giving them immersion-based experiences, they are able to develop skills that they couldn’t earn any other way.”