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Check out new for Spring 2022 CAFE Initiatives, Programs and Events!  If you are interested in receiving additional information about any of the programs, or provide feedback and suggestions, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Our goal for Spring 2022 is to present a variety of programs, events and opportunities to faculty and begin to build interest and input on what to plan for in the future. Your involvement is critical to the trajectory and direction of future CAFE programs so please, get involved.

Faculty Professional Development Initiatives: These initiatives are designed to support the professional and personal development of faculty members in the areas of teaching, research, and leadership development. Examples of types of development initiatives are: research and writing support workshops and retreats, mini-grant opportunities in the areas of teaching and research, and support for faculty to attend teaching and learning conferences.

Spring 2022 Proposed Faculty Development Initiatives:

This spring, CAFE will work on establishing a process for faculty to apply for mini-grants, to be dispersed either in the summer or next academic year. Stay tuned for opportunities to submit your proposals!

CAFE is providing funds to cover the registration fee ($709-729) for up to 5 faculty (preferably representing the 5 colleges) to attend the Teaching Professor Conference in Atlanta in June and we have two spots left! Preference will be given to the next 2 faculty who complete the application. Details about the conference can be found by visiting the website: https://www.magnapubs.com/teaching-professor-conference/. Faculty interested in applying for funds to attend this conference should indicate in the form below. Selected faculty will be expected to provide a workshop (either individually or collectively) to faculty highlighting what they learned in Fall 2022.

Click HERE for the application for funds. Applications are Due March 15 April 21

CAFE wants to gauge the interest of faculty to either attend/participate in an intensive writing retreat and/or a series of research/writing workshops. If you are interested in attending planned research focused workshops, possibly led by an external consultant, or participate in an off-campus writing retreat please indicate your interest in the form below.


Faculty Engagement Initiatives: These initiatives are designed to foster interdisciplinary collaborations, cultivate conversations, and create environments that lead to innovative and creative responses to opportunities and challenges. Examples of types of engagement initiatives are establishing Faculty Interest Groups, Faculty Learning Communities and recruiting faculty CAFE ambassadors and associates.

Spring 2022 Faculty Engagement Initiatives:

This pilot group is underway and will share their findings at the Faculty Conference and Annual Meeting (formerly PSC). 

A new Faculty Learning Community is being proposed for spring 2022!

CAFE, in partnership with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment is proposing a pilot FLC to investigate research and best practices related to equitable course-based assessments, particularly in general education courses, and to determine ways to engage faculty in reviewing and revising their course-based assessments in terms of equity.  There has been considerable discussion and research in recent years aimed at better understanding how course design, pedagogy, and assessments in higher education might contribute to persistent gaps in student achievement by race/ethnicity or gender, as well as for first generation students, adult students, or students with disabilities. Often, this work is focused on “gateway” courses in general education or particular fields, in an effort to help faculty design courses and assessments that are accessible and meaningful for students from a variety of backgrounds. Given APSU’s diverse student population and our mission to “welcome and inspire an inclusive community of learners,” an FLC focused on equitable assessments could make positive contributions to teaching effectiveness for faculty, as well as create more equitable outcomes for students.

This FLC would meet at least 3-4 times during the spring semester, between February 14 – May 6, 2022, and would involve:

  • Reviewing national, regional and university level data related to student outcomes (D, F, W rates for example) in general education or other high-enrollment courses; specifically as they relate to student populations that have been historically underrepresented, undeserved, or marginalized in higher education.
  • Reviewing current empirical research on equitable course-based assessments (ECBA), identifying models for employing ECBA in courses for a variety of disciplines, and developing recommendations for future actions related to ECBA at APSU. These future actions could include providing mini-grants or release time for faculty interested in incorporating ECBA practices into their courses, or continue this FLC into next year.

Indicate your interest in this FLC HERE

CAFE is soliciting interest of faculty in Faculty Interest Groups (FIGs) here on campus. The purpose of FIGs are to gather interested faculty members together to begin conversations and provide general recommendations on a common theme/topic. There are no specific outcome/reporting expectations associated with any FIG. The idea is to provide connections and opportunities for faculty to meet and discuss proposed topics in a low stakes environment. If necessary/desired, some FIGs can be supported by facilitators. CAFE can also provide financial support for requested books/materials. FIGs can also extend beyond spring 2022 and reconvene as long as there are engaged participants.

Click HERE to indicate your interest in any proposed FIG

Some examples of possible FIGs for Spring 2022 are:

 This FIG will investigate possible expansions and/or alternative models related to faculty mentoring programs on campus.

This FIG will participate in continuing the discussions that began in Fall 2021 related to the Student Course Evaluation instrument as well as investigate models for expanded peer review of teaching processes.

This FIG will investigate campus and faculty resources; from developing an inventory of materials, spaces, and equipment to helping establish a "Expert/Speakers Panel" to identify faculty subject matter experts.

CAFE will continue to expand workshop and events offerings, whether they be a one-time event or a series of workshops, as well as opportunities for faculty to get together in informal, social, connection events.

Spring 2022 Currently planned Special Events/Programs

  • Optimizing Faculty/Student Interactions Series will continue to offer sessions each month - February 23, 2:30-3:30: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy is the topic. Join the zoom HERE!
  • TECHBYTES series will continue
  • NEW for 2022: Connecting Conversations: In partnership with the Department of Communications, CAFE will support informal gatherings for faculty to come together to talk and share about all things besides the "doing the job" and instead focus on what it means to be human. Topics might include coping with grief, finding joy, what it means to be collegial, etc. Dates and locations TBD

Click here if you are interested in any of the above proposed programs, or to provide general feedback.