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Emergency Notification Systems

Austin Peay has three types of emergency notifications available to the APSU community and greater Clarksville Area free of charge.

All three systems are publicly tested the third Wednesday of every month at 11:20am CMT. The siren system is tested silently every night in addition to the inspection of the blue light emergency phones on campus by APSU PD.

RAVE Guardian

Rave Guardian is a personal safety app that Austin Peay State University is providing to all students, faculty, and staff to download for free.


Learn more about RAVE Guardian


Alertus Desktop Notification

Alertus is a software used by APSU Public Safety to notify all APSU owned computers in the APSU network of an incident. A screen will show the pertinent information for notification. If a student is in class and the professor is using the projector the notification will show on the screen. All APSU computer lab screens will also show the notifications.

In addition to notification, every APSU owned and maintained computer has the Desktop Activator button to silently alert APSU PD of any incident in progress.

Learn more about Alertus


Outdoor Sirens

There are outdoor warning sirens in three locations across campus. They are designed to be heard clearly outdoors, not indoors. Please do not rely on being informed indoors by the outdoor siren system. Use the Rave Guardian app or Alertus Desktop notifications to be informed indoors.

Sirens will be activated when the National Weather Service declares a Tornado Warning, and a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Montgomery County.  Typically, there is not an “All Clear” siren after a Severe Thunderstorm Warning because storms often fire up repeatedly over the course of a few hours. There is usually an “All Clear” after a Tornado Warning if a sighted tornado was on the ground and the threat has passed.

Outdoor sirens may also be utilized for a Shelter In Place alert or in the event of a mass Evacuation. There will also be an “All Clear” siren issued for these events.

In all cases, when the outdoor warning sirens go off, you should check the RAVE Guardian app, APSU email or the APSU website for detailed instructions and more information.

Map showing the 3 locations of the emergency sirens