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Workers' Compensation

Life-Threatening or Serious Bodily Injury:

Immediately call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room!

Claim Reporting Procedures


Report the Injury:

Non-Life Threatening or Serious Bodily Injuries

Injured Employee

Report the injury

Employee Injury without Medical Treatment

If the injured employee does not require medical treatment and requires 1st Aid only, the injury should still be reported to CorVel.  

*The TN Division of Claims and Risk Management will assess a $500 departmental penalty each time an injured worker seeks non-emergency medical treatment prior to reporting the injury to CorVel

NOTE: CorVel offers a PPO Lookup website to assist in locating the closest State of TN-authorized treating physician. This link will allow the injured worker to locate a physician or facility via zip code, city/state, and within a certain radius of their current location. This PPO Lookup website does not replace the requirement to call CorVel to report the injury. All injuries must be reported to CorVel to avoid the penalty.


The State of Tennessee’s Workers’ Compensation coverage provides benefits to employees who suffer an injury or illness that is specifically and clearly caused while the employee is in the course and scope of their employment.

The Tennessee Department of Treasury, Division of Claims and Risk Management contracts with a third-party administrator (CorVel) for the processing of workers’ compensation claims and managed-care services. CorVel provides a 24/7 nurse triage phone line, pre-certification for inpatient hospital care, bill review, large case management, and other services to appropriately manage the costs of workers’ compensation claims.

For an injury to be compensable under Tennessee Workers’ Compensation law, employees must prove an injury “arising primarily out of, and in the course and scope of, employment.” An investigation by CorVel will be completed to determine if the claim is compensable.

All claim decisions are made by CorVel and/or the TN Division of Claims and Risk Management.

APSU cannot alter or change any of these decisions, rules, or regulations.

Potential Penalties

Injuries must be reported to CorVel within (3) business days (*see below)

*The TN Division of Claims and Risk Management will assess a $500 departmental penalty each time an employee or employer does not report a work injury within (3) business days after sustaining that injury or when an employee seeks medical treatment (unless it is an emergency) prior to calling CorVel. 

Return To Work Program

In July 2016, the State of Tennessee implemented a Return to Work (RTW) program. This program is designed to assist injured worker(s) in their return to meaningful, productive, employment as quickly as possible. The department in which the injured employee(s) is assigned will coordinate with Environmental Health & Safety, CorVel, and the injured worker(s) to design a modified work plan, if applicable. For more information, please refer to APSU Return to Work Policy.

Lost Wages

By law, a seven day (7) day waiting period is in effect and no compensation is payable during the waiting period unless the disability last longer than 7 calendar days. The employee can use Sick or Annual Leave in these first seven days.

Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits would begin on the eighth calendar day off work. If the employee is off work more than 14 calendar days the TTD benefits would go back and pick up the first week, or waiting period. The work injury / illness and related time away from work is determined by the authorized physician.

Frequently Asked Questions

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