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Spills / Releases

Environmental Spill / Release (Outdoors)

To report an environmental incident, including dumping or other discharges to a stormwater drain, please contact the Physical Plant at 221-7456, or EHS at 221-6103, or email Carl Gerhold at gerholdc@apsu.edu. If possible to do so safely, take action to stop the release and prevent or minimize releases to storm sewers.


Fuel and Oil Spills

In the event of a fuel (gasoline or diesel) or oil spill, contact the Physical Plant work order line at ext. 7424. The Physical Plant maintains spill kits in various locations around campus to control the spread of these liquids and to get the spill cleaned up as quickly as possible.


Hazardous Materials Releases

-          Preparedness


-          Spill Kit Contents


-          Response


-          Spill Clean-Up Procedures