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Environmental Health & Safety

Workers Compensation

Department of Public Safety

APSU Environmental, Health, and Safety serves the university community by providing consultation, technical support, policies and guidance documents, information, training, and inspections and audits to support a safe, healthy, and sustainable campus.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy:

Austin Peay State University recognizes its obligation to provide a program for health and safety on campus, to minimize health hazards and risk of injury, and to minimize the impact of University operations on the natural environment.

Austin Peay State University will support and maintain a strong commitment to safety, health and environmental protection through:

  1.  Achieving and maintaining compliance with federal, state, and local safety, health, and environmental requirements;
  2. Minimizing hazards, reducing pollution, and continuously improving our practices regarding safety, health, and environmental protection;
  3. Inspecting and eliminating unsafe conditions and practices;
  4. Training employees in health, safety, and environmental practices pertinent to their job requirements.

 Employees and students are expected to demonstrate compliance with legal requirements and be supportive of environmental, health, and safety initiatives.

Carl Gerhold - Director, Environmental Health & Safety
(931) 221-6103

Safety Inspector (vacant)

Bill Peterson - EH&S Technician

(931) 221-7641