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APSU Recycles!

2019-2020 Recycling Statistics:

Pounds of Cardboard
Pounds of Newsprint
Pounds of Office Paper


Austin Peay and Clarksville use a multi-stream recycling system. This means that we have bins for different materials. If you work in an office, please utilize the desk-side blue bin and periodically empty your bin into the central bins in your building.

What goes in which recycling bin?


• White office paper 

• Colored office paper 

• Notebook paper

• Envelopes (with or without windows)







• Brown fiber paper

• Brown grocery bags

• Brown packing paper   

• Cereal boxes (remove liner)    

• Corrugated cardboard


• Aluminum cans

• Tin/steel cans  

•  Vegetable cans 







• Plastic bottles with a  neck and the number 1 or 2 on the bottom of the bottle.







Where do I put....? 

Cans recycle bin.

Cardboard recycle bin - Please do not recycle cardboard with excess oil or food material. 

Contact GovsHelp for any APSU computer related questions. We re-sell or recycle as much as possible on campus.

For on-campus small appliance recycling please contact Physical Plant.

Home computers and ink cartridges can be brought to Best Buy or Bi-County on Dover Road. 

In your belly!

If the food cannot be donated to the SOS Food Pantry, then put it in a Trash/landfill bin.

Trash/landfill bin.

Trash/Landfill bin if it's shiny or waxy.

Paper Recycling bin if it's office style paper or paper envelopes  

Sign up for paperless billing and online newsletters to reduce mail waste.  

Trash/Landfill bin.

Consider switching to online subscriptions to reduce wasted paper. Unsubscribe from unwanted catalogs.

Paper recycle bin - Only white copy paper, colored copy paper, notebook paper and envelopes can be recycled. 

Landfill bin - shiny, waxy or laminated paper.  

If you have papers that need confidentially shredded, contact willsa@apsu.edu to get a bin from Bi-County or have your bin emptied.

Bring plastic bags to the Bookstore's Plastic Bag Recycle Bin. Plastic bags cannot go in the regular recycling bins. 

Plastic recycle bin- Any plastic bottle that has a neck and a #1 or #2 on the bottom can be recycled in the plastic bottle recycling bins. 

Trash/landfill bin.

Bring to the Physical Plant. If you have a lot of material, put a work order in to be picked up. No packaging peanuts or any material that may have touched food or drinks will be accepted. 


Recycling Locations and Schedule