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"Fill it Yourself"

Reusable Water Bottle Initiative 
Fill It Yourself Logo

This program reduces plastic waste and saves money by encouraging use of reusable bottles. 

Located in every building on campus, refill stations for water bottles are located next to water fountains for ease of access to filtered tap water for campus members. The refill stations are supported by the campus sustainable fee.  

Map of water refill stations across campus

Events hosted by campus departments and students organizations can request free ice water through the APSU reservation system. If your event does not require a room reservation, please email willsa@apsu.edu. You can designate your event as "fill it yourself" in PeayLink and add the logo to your fliers to remind students to bring their bottles. 

The following dispensers are available: 

10 Gallon - Suitable for outdoor events

10 gallon water dispenser provided by FIY

5 Gallon "Catering Style"

5 gallon water dispenser provided by FIY

Every "fill it yourself" bottle can become a scrapbook of campus memories and a billboard promoting offices and organizations students love! 

Printing stickers is easy and affordable at APSU Printing Services. 

Please do not print larger than 2" x 2" to accommodate for LOTS of stickers on each bottle.