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Sustainability Projects On Campus

The Sustainable Campus Fee has funded over 50 projects since it was established in 2008. Learn more about the highlighted projects benefiting students, faculty and staff. 

BCycle at Austin Peay

BCycle rides are free, up to one hour, to the campus community. You can rent bikes outside the Foy or at Clarksville's four other locations. This program is partnership between the Sustainable Campus Fee and the Clarksville Parks and Recreation BCycle program.


Bluebird Project

Thanks to a generous donor, APSU installed Eastern Bluebird houses across campus in 2017-18. They serve to beautify our campus, ensure a healthy bird population, and support courses in Ecology and Ornithology. 

Bluebird Box Project

Charging Stations 

Austin Peay offers two electric vehicle charging stations. The first station in parking lot #9 is accessible from College Ave. or Ford St. and can accommodate two vehicles. The second is located in parking lot #6 behind the Foy and can accommodate two vehicles. 

Charging Stations

Compost Program 

Landfills emit potent greenhouse gases like methane as organic materials like food decompose. Each semester, the APSU compost project keeps 3,380 dry gallons of produce waste out of landfills and turns it into fertilizer for our Victory Garden!

APSU Compost

Fill It Yourself 

The "Fill It Yourself" program aims to reduce plastic waste on campus by providing students with reusable water bottles and implementing convenient refill stations across campus. 

Fill It Yourself


The path can be accessed near the intersection of Robb Ave. and Farris Dr. or behind Emerald Hills building #12. Austin Peay's portion of the path is ADA accessible. 

APSU Greenway

Native Plant Gardens 

Native Research Garden

The Native Plant Teaching and Research Garden has over 300 species of plants and is maintained by the Southeastern Grassland Initiative. You can visit this garden on the West side of the Sundquist Science Complex to learn more about our local native plants. 

Native Research Garden

Native Meadow 

The Native Meadow was planted in Spring 2019 on the West side of the Morgan University Center to beautify campus, support pollinators, and better manage stormwater. 

Native Meadow

Outdoor Education Center Pollinator Patch 

In collaboration with a grant from the Bureau of Land Management, a native pollinator "patch" was installed in Fall 2021 to encourage pollinators to visit the area for community observation. Community groups are encouraged to request and attend presentations on selected topics at the OEC. 

Outdoor Education Center

Rain Gardens 

Rain falling on the Art & Design building's roof is diverted to two rain gardens on the West side of the building. Rain gardens filter runoff and lessen the burden on our storm water infrastructure. 

Rain Gardens