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In collaboration with the city of Clarksville, Austin Peay State University is proud to connect to the bike share program (Bcycle) that provides students with the opportunity to explore and get exercise.

Bike rack and kiosk are located outside Foy Fitness and Recreation Center, at the sidewalk in front of the tennis courts. Go check it out and learn more about Clarksville BCycle.


There are two steps to borrowing a bike:

  1. Register as a Member
     register here.
    In order to claim your free BCycle membership be sure to register with a campus email address and promo code that was emailed to your APSU email account.
  2. Start Using your Membership
  • Check out a Bcycle with the with the app!
    Download the “BCycle” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, log-in and check out bikes.  
  • Pick up your Fob at the Parks and Recreation Office | Mon - Fri | 8AM - 4:30PM | 102 Public Square

Signs with maps at Foy show you great destinations on campus and in the downtown area – go exploring!

Wear a helmet! Be a safe and responsible BCyclist!

Other Perks

BCycle Station at Foy

Bicycles and Climate Change

All the little things everyone can do to keep our Earth cool includes riding a bicycle instead of a vehicle that is fossil-fuel dependent. Do you live close enough to campus to ride a bike?! If you do, here are ways you will contribute to climate change mitigation:

  • Manufacturing a bicycle requires far less energy and fewer resources
  • Riding a bicycle produces no carbon emissions whatsoever
  • Bicycles don’t require toxic batteries or motor oil, both environmental hazards

APSU is dedicated to providing the community with bike racks and developing infrastructure to make bicycle-riding practical for commuters, fun for recreation and safe for everyone!

Healthier Tennessee

Research shows that people are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors when they are encouraged and supported by their community.  Healthier Tennessee Campus (HTC) works to provide opportunities and encouragement for APSU students, faculty, and staff to be more physically active, eat nutritious foods in the right portions, and abstain from tobacco use.  

The bicycles in the B-Cycle program will help you achieve your physical activity goals.  Instead of driving to class or meetings, hop on a bike and get a few minutes of exercise.  The American Heart Association recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity 5 days per week, so let’s get moving Govs!