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Project EcoGovs

Is your department or office suite interested in becoming a part of the APSU movement to go green? Compete against other departments to better our school's environmental, social, and fiscal impact. 

CONGRATULATIONS to Community Engagement and Sustainability on being the first to certify. They went above and beyond and certified as a Governor! 

Follow these steps to get started:

Reach out to your Campus Sustainability Coordinator at herrono@apsu.edu to express your interest in becoming an informal, volunteer representative to help your office create a more sustainable workplace. You will need to meet with the coordinator once per certification year. 

Get going! Meet with your colleagues in your office and make any changes you see fit. Fill out the worksheet below and email it to herrono@apsu.edu


EcoGovs Worksheet

There are four levels of certification. From the highest, they are: Governor, Senator, Mayor, Citizen.
Each level requires a certain percentage of points earned by achieving credits on the credit assessment list. It is suggested to re-certify every 2 years. 

Governor 90%
Senator 80%
Mayor 70%
Citizen 60%

Once you’ve achieved Citizen Level certification your office will receive:

  • An award to display on a wall in or around your office
  • Acknowledgment of your certification level on both the Staff Senate and Sustainability website
  • A digital logo to place on your own website
  • Ongoing support to maintain and advance your certification level

EcoGovs Graphic