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Crime Prevention Programs and Other Services Offered

Austin Peay State University Public Safety Division offers crime prevention and safety related programs to the university community. In addition, programs and information are available to the local and regional communities as part of our outreach initiatives. The following crime prevention and safety programs are available:

Realistic safety tips, overview of self-defense devices. Personal safety in and around the vehicle.

Facts pertaining to alcohol and other drugs.

Awareness, prevention, and avoidance are discussed.

 Discusses how to identify potentially violent behavior, types of violence, how to prevent situations, and how to react.

Review of associated TN laws dealing with drunk driving, alcohol-related crimes, and alcohol effects. Simulated intoxication demonstration is used.

Variety of safety tips provided along with some techniques that can be performed in case of an emergency.

 Discusses various related topics such as speed enforcement, parking control, signs and markings, pedestrian/motorist responsibilities, seat belt, reporting accidents.

Operation I.D. is a program in which theft prevention is discussed.  A free engraving service is offered as a measure to personalize electronic equipment. Students, faculty, and staff can come into the Campus Police Department and use this service anytime.

 The most victimized group are those between the ages of 19 and 29. It requires an average of 80 hours and more than $1,400 to clear up a simple case of Identity theft if not caught early enough.

For the safety and convenience of the campus community, APSU Public Safety provides a security escort service within the confines of the campus.  The security escort service operates 24/7.  To obtain an escort, phone 221-7786. 

The Public Safety Division provides a variety of services to assist motorist at Austin Peay. Public Safety provides this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


MAP Services

  • Jump Start: Provided to those vehicles with a “dead” or weak battery.
  • Gas: An officer will provide a gas can and transportation to a service station so you may obtain gasoline for your vehicle
  • Water provided for a vehicle which has overheated.
  • Wrecker: Should you have difficulty and need a wrecker we will contact the service of your choice and wait with you until your tow arrives.


Other programs such as Identity Theft, Computer Mediated Communication and Domestic Violence Awareness are also available upon request. To schedule an event please email crime_prevention@apsu.edu