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2021 Presentations

Below are some of the presentations delivered by faculty and staff at the 2021 Pre-Semester Calendar.

Using OER to Reduce Textbook Costs for Your Students

Mind the Gap: Inclusive Teaching and Equitable Outcomes

Resources for Program Accreditation and Review

Introduction to Aviation Science

Advising Military Students

Considering the Impact of Your Research: Scholarly Publishing Resources Available from the Woodward Library

Teaching Sustainability? Need Funding?

Beloved Community: A Supportive Writing Retreat

RTP Policies and Procedures for Faculty Seeking Retention, Tenure, or Promotion in 2021-2022

Strengthening Our Core: Gen Ed Updates

ASPIRE: Archive for Scholarship, Publication, Innovation, and Research Experience

2021 State of the College of Graduate Studies

2021 State of Research and Scholarly Activities

University Mentor/Mentee Relationships: Expectations and Ideals for Success

Faculty Senate Red Committee: Peer Evaluation Recommendation for Best Practice

Considering the Impact of Your Research  Resources