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Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence for field biology and the creative arts sit at the intersection of academics and best practices. They provide the leadership, research, training, and support to increase our state’s international stature and economic competitiveness.

In short, we are pushing the boundaries of discovery and innovation to provide an incredible learning environment for all who come here.

Students and faculty engaged with our Centers of Excellence in many ways, including the following:

Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts

We challenge the imagination, spur artistic creativity, and perform with passion to foster an appreciation of the arts that lasts a lifetime. Each year the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts brings world-class artistic talent to campus for exhibitions, lectures and performances that enrich our lives.

We create a learning environment where you can develop ideas, insights, values and competencies all while enjoying one-of-a-kind artistic experiences available to the Clarksville community.

Through the Center of Excellence for the Creative Arts, we have:

Center of Excellence for Field Biology

How does controlled burning effect plant and animal communities? What is the status of rare fish species in the region?  What impact do local communities have on water quality? How can K-12 educators help reduce water pollution? These questions and more are the subject our ongoing research at the Center of Excellence for Field Biology.

We’re a major research component of Austin Peay State University, bringing to campus highly-regarded scientists from across the region to provide opportunities for hands-on research and publication.

Through the Center of Excellence for Field Biology, we have:

Beyond Excellence

Because of their outstanding performance outcomes, both Centers of Excellence at Austin Peay have earned the designation of "Accomplished" Centers of Excellence among Tennessee's public universities.


By the Numbers

years since two centers were established at APSU
art events sponsored each year
current and recent field biology research projects