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Student Research

It's not all white coats and laboratories although, yes, we have those, too. Research is common in all fields of study at Austin Peay. It's an avenue to stimulate your curiosity and get your hands dirty digging into a topic you love.

We're regularly rolling up our sleeves in the search for greater knowledge. In recent years, students at Austin Peay:

  • Examined the impact of alcohol addiction in laboratory rats;
  • Produced a documentary film on American journalist and columnist Dorothy Dix;
  • Conducted field research on amphibian viruses;
  • Investigated why members of the LGBT community settled into certain areas of the mid-South; and,
  • Traveled to Europe to investigate the stitchwork of great embroideries created during the Middle Ages.

Office of Undergraduate Research

It’s one thing to know research and creative activity abound at Austin Peay. It’s another to get help identifying those opportunities and selecting the right one for you. The Office of Undergraduate Research is here to assist.

We’ll help guide you from the application process through the pursuit of funding to the presentation of your findings. You’ll be immersed in your field of study, gain confidence in your abilities, and attract attention from employers and graduate schools.

Presentation Opportunities

Part of the research process is presenting your findings. As an undergraduate at Austin Peay, there are plenty of presenting opportunities:

Graduate Research

Research literacy and writing requirements are core to a graduate degree from Austin Peay. The College of Graduate Studies supports student research and actively works to create avenues for students to display and publicize their original work.

Research and Creativity Forum

Student research and discovery are celebrated through our annual Research and Creativity Forum. Students, faculty, and the university community gather every year at the forum for oral and poster presentations of student work.

Call for Proposals