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To:       Provost Maria Cronley

From:  Interim Dean Marcy Maurer, CoBHS

Date:   August 20, 2022

RE:      Recommendation for a reorganization of the A.A.S. degree

The purpose of this memo is to recommend a reorganization that would move the A.A.S degree in Professional Services from the Department of Leadership to the Department of Degree Completion.

Per APSU Policy 2:009, I am submitting the following information:

  1. specific recommendations for reorganization

    The specific recommendation is to move the A.A.S. degree in Professional Services with concentrations in Culinary Arts, Recreation Administration and Management Technology (being phased out) currently housed in the Department of Leadership to the Department of Degree Completion. The Management Technology concentration was approved in to be terminated fall 2021 with a teach out plan to end spring 2024.
  2. rationale for the recommendations to include:
    1. a statement of the circumstances or events that prompted the recommendations 

      The current location of the A.A.S. degree is no longer compatible with the Department of Leadership. The Department of Leadership has undergone several changes since 2016 and the A.A.S. degree has remained tagged to the department. In 2018 the coordinator of the culinary arts program position became vacant and has not been filled. There has been declining enrollment in the culinary program in the past several years, partly due to Covid and to a lack of leadership in the program. Also, the program is taught at the APSU Center at Fort Campbell which limits the program’s visibility.
    2. objectives to be accomplished by the recommendations
      1. Housed in a more compatible department in that the A.A.S. in Professional Services will be in a department that is also overseeing the A.S. in Liberal Arts. 
      2. Increase enrollment in both A.A.S. concentrations
      3. Seek funding sources for a kitchen lab on Clarksville Campus or nearby
      4. Improve and revise the curriculum under the leadership of a Director of Culinary Arts 
      5. Increase the visibility of the A.A.S. degree for Clarksville campus students
    3. anticipated costs associated with the recommendations and possible funding sources

      A search for the Director of the Culinary Arts program has been approved with an anticipated start date of AY 2023. Finding additional funding with assistance from the APSU Office of Advancement for the program has also been initiated. 
    4. impact on degree programs in the current academic inventory.

      No impact on degree programs in the current academic inventory is expected.