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Instructional Design Consultation

What can instructional designers assist you with?

The instructional design team can assist you in making enhancements to your course(s) or help you get started in creating a new online course so you do not have to start from scratch. We can give you guidance on designing syllabi, rubrics, course layout, and we can also explain how to best leverage our instructional technologies. 

Are your course materials, objectives, and activities aligned? We can help you map your course components to check alignment among the course objectives, learning activities, required assessments, and additional materials.

Are you meeting the federal regulation for Distance Education courses? We can provide resources and examples for how to meet the Regular and Substantive Interaction regulation. We can even meet with you and provide feedback on the current interactions in your online courses.

Make sure you check out our other resources for RSI.


Do you need assistance making your online course just as engaging as your on ground course? We can share ideas with you on how to improve student engagement and promote active learning in your online courses.

Is your course accessible? Is your course easy to navigate? We can provide recommendations to ensure your course is student-friendly and accessible to all learners. We can even provide feedback and guidance on specific course materials, such as your syllabus.

Be sure to also check out our accessibility checklist.

Do you have an in-person course that needs to transition to an online course? Do you have a 16 week course that is being reduced to 8 weeks? We can help you modify your course template as well as help you transition to other modalities.

How can you schedule a consultation with one of our Senior Instructional Designers?

If you are planning to teach a blended or online course and would like instructional design assistance, please submit a ticket (opens new window) to schedule an instructional design consultation. Some aspects of the course design process can take time to develop, so it is best to start working with an ID sooner rather than later.