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The Department of Distance Education at Austin Peay State University is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of online education. As a recognized Quality Matters institution, we are committed to assisting faculty in creating and teaching online courses that align with QM standards. This helps the institution meet strategic initiatives and ensures high quality learning experiences for our students.

Terri Clark, Associate Professor
Terri Clark, Ed.D., Associate Professor, School of Nursing

I taught face-to-face courses for well over a decade. The transition to online instruction was more of a challenge than I anticipated. One of my first steps in becoming a better online instructor was to pursue Quality Matters training. Quality Matters helps to train online instructors on how to develop and provide more quality online courses. The process of pursuing Quality Matters approval for my courses has helped me to be a better online instructor and provide a more quality experience for my students. We don’t know what we don’t know and Quality Matters helps to enlighten us on how to be better online educators.
Alex Adams, Assistant Professor
Alex Adams, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Health & Human Performance

I have been teaching online for many years, but I recently went through QM training, which was a game-changer. The training gave me a new perspective on online course design and helped me identify areas where my courses could be improved. Overall, I highly recommend QM training to anyone involved in creating or reviewing online courses. It is a valuable resource that can help you to improve the quality of your courses and make them more effective for students.
Dr. Frank Ferdik, Asst. Professor, CRJ
Frank Ferdik, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
APPQMR, PRC, Master Reviewer

Since arriving at APSU in August, 2021, I have been actively involved in Quality Matters. The Distance Education team on campus has been nothing short of exemplary in helping me achieve my ambitions of getting eight courses QM certified, including CRJs 1010, 5100, 3300, 4040, 3150, 5150, 5050, and 3130, along with becoming a certified Master Peer Reviewer. Without their invaluable assistance, guidance, and mentorship, I would not have had so much success with QM. Quality Matters has been instrumental in teaching me the foundational principles of online education. Students need structure, clarity, and organization when navigating their way through a distance education course, and Quality Matters provides all three. Thank you for including me in the QM process, and I look forward to a bright future where I continue to deliver a quality education to our online students.

QM Professional Development

APSU is a Quality Matters (QM) member, which offers faculty and staff valuable professional development opportunities. Our QM membership equips educators with the necessary resources and training to enhance online course design, seamlessly transition to online teaching, and effectively apply the Quality Matters rubric.

QM membership provides access to free workshops and resources, with some training offered at a reduced cost. The Department of Distance Education is committed to supporting faculty and staff development by allocating funds for the following workshop.

APSU faculty have the option to complete the APPQMR virtually (synchronous) or online (asynchronous).

The APPQMR can be completed virtually, face to face, or fully online.

Setting up a MyQM account is easy. Just visit the QM website and follow the simple instructions to create your account. You'll gain access to valuable resources and tools for your professional development.


If you have trouble creating an account, contact Distance Education at online@apsu.edu.

Upon successful completion of QM training, faculty, and staff are awarded a certificate of completion. These certificates are available through a widely recognized digital credentialing platform. Once you receive your certificate, you have the option to load it onto your social media accounts, showcasing your accomplishment and expertise in online course design and quality assurance.

APPQMR Training Schedule


QM Course Review at APSU

The Quality Matters (QM) program is widely recognized as an established framework that offers a comprehensive set of standards for designing high-quality online courses. These standards are rooted in extensive research and best practices, ensuring that courses developed under the QM guidelines meet the highest standards of excellence.

  • QM is centered on best practices & research-based standards.
  • By participating in QM course reviews, you are ensuring your online/hybrid course(s) meet high quality course desing standards to give students a great online learning experience.
  • Courses that are QM certified receive international recognition.
  • You have the option to display the distinguished QM certification watermark in your online courses.
  • Full-time and part-time faculty who teach online and/or hybrid courses at APSU.
  • Applicant must have chair approval to be fully considered for the program.


  • Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR): An introductory workshop on the QM Rubric and course review process. It is a prerequisite for the Peer Review Course (PRC). You must have passed this workshop before submitting a course for QM certification. 
    • Faculty have the flexibility to complete the APPQMR through virtual and online options.

The APPQMR can be completed virtually, face to face, or fully online.

If you would like to request Distance Education facilitate a training for your department, please email your request with the proposed time/date to online@apsu.edu

Step 1: Complete QM Workshop: APPQMR 

Step 2: Submit an online QM Course Review Application 

Step 3: Create a course map

Step 4: DE reviews the course map 

Step 5: Conduct a self-review of your course ensuring 85% of QM standards and all 22 essential standards are met

Step 6: DE completes an internal review of essential standards

Step 7: DE submits courses meeting all 22 essential standards for a QM managed review

Step 8: DE processes faculty compensation after the course receives QM certification


For any questions about the QM workshop or process, please submit a ticket.

  1. DE reserves the right to refuse a course review application and/or close the application process at any time.
  2. Only fully developed online or hybrid courses will be considered for the course review process.
  3. DE will pay for QM workshops only once. If the instructor does not complete or pass, they will have to retake it at their own cost.
  4. Non-participation after selection will result in the cancellation of the course review. Faculty-QM Coordinator meetings will be used to determine participation in the process and assist faculty in setting and meeting deadlines.
  5. Requests for an extension beyond the 14-week amendment period will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by DE. However, requests exceeding this period may be declined.
  6. Compensation will only be given to instructors whose courses become QM certified.

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