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Tech inspired tips, tricks, and inspirations in “byte-sized,” know-how chunks hosted by APSU Distance Education. 


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Semester Wrap-up (opens new window)
In this concluding presentation for the Spring term, our LMS team delves into the latest developments in Distance Education. They discuss how instructors can request D2L Course Combines, Sandboxes, and Course Copies. Additionally, they cover Course Design and Delivery Support, along with updates on other instructional technologies. Plus, you can get a peek at the D2L Brightspace Creator+ authoring tool!

The 411 on the AOQF (opens new window)
Distance Education created the APSU Online Quality Fundamentals (AOQF) to promote continuous improvement of online course quality, capitalize on faculty expertise, and increase participation in course reviews. Learn more about the five fundamentals, being an AOQF Peer Reviewer, and the success of the program's launch. 

Turnitin AI Detector (opens new window)
AI detectors are not the single golden solution to combat unapproved AI usage in written assignments. They are one piece, one data point contributing to the overall puzzle. The Distance Education staff discusses other pieces in the AI puzzle including suggestions for addressing AI writing in your courses, the Turnitin AI writing detector tool, and exploring the detector’s results. 

D2L Updates (opens new window)
Our LMS team explores the latest updates within D2L Brightspace, specifically the Locker tool within Groups, the revamped Enrollment Experience and the functionality for assigning Grade Exemptions. This presentation offers valuable insights into leveraging these updates to optimize your teaching and learning workflows.

Vendor Webinar: Unleashing the Power of Honorlock (opens new window)

Our Customer Success Manager, Nataly Lopez, returns for a comprehensive training session and provides updates on the proctoring solution!

Vendor Webinar: Tutor.com Faculty Training (opens new window)
This Tutor.com session covers best practices, outreach resources, a live demonstration of the Tutor.com learning environment, and the benefits of online tutoring in improving student success.

D2L Insights Dashboard (opens new window)

In this session, we cover the Insights Dashboard available to instructors and administrators.  Brightspace Insights, integrated with the D2L Brightspace Data Platform, offers user-friendly reporting visualizations for a comprehensive overview of users within the learning environment. This empowers instructors to effectively track, assess, and monitor student progress.

Group Work and Peer Reviews in D2L (opens new window)
This session demonstrates how you can increase student participation and active learning in your online course by using the Group tool in D2L. In addition to fostering collaboration and increasing engagement in your online course, explore other strategies for incorporating partnered and small group opportunities, like peer reviews using the Discussion Boards tool. 

D2L Awards and Replacement Strings (opens new window)
A member of the Instructional Design team demonstrates how to increase student engagement with a more personalized course using the Awards and Replacement String tools in D2L. 

D2L Gradebook & Turnitin (opens new window)
The D2L support team covers the nuances of the D2L gradebook and answer any questions you may have about this complex but helpful tool.  Also, learn about Turnitin and how the tool can help with academic integrity and expedite paper and other text-based assignment grading. 

D2L Rubrics (opens new window)
A member of the Instructional Design team demonstrates how rubrics help to make grading more streamlined and provide your students will clear expectations. Watch this recording to learn about creating, applying, and grading with the Rubrics tool in D2L.