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Austin Peay State University Online Quality Fundamentals  

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Distance Education created the APSU Online Quality Fundamentals (AOQF) to promote continuous improvement of online course quality, capitalize on faculty expertise, and increase participation in course reviews. 

AOQF provides a space for faculty collaboration and collegial discussion about online teaching and learning.  Faculty work together as course representatives and peer reviewers to give suggestions for improvement based on the five fundamentals. AOQF reviews are an opportunity for online course representatives to receive feedback on their courses in regard to research-based course design principles.

AOQF Certified Courses:

The AOQF certification designation is an internal mark of distinction at APSU. It signifies online courses that meet our quality requirements, comply with Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) guidelines, and prioritize accessibility for a more inclusive and enriched online learning experience.  This certification serves as a foundational standard, ensuring that our online courses meet essential benchmarks for quality and accessibility for our students.

AOQF course certification is valid for up to five years because courses are regularly updated and changed over the years. Faculty can choose to resubmit their course before the five-year term if the course changes significantly (20% or more).  If you have questions about reevaluation, please contact Distance Education at online@apsu.edu or 931-221-6625.


AOQF course reviews involve several steps. Please review the information below for details on this process.

  1. The Course Representative completes the AOQF Course Review ticket to instigate an AOQF course review of an active course they are teaching. 
  2. An AOQF Peer Reviewer is assigned to the ticket and added to the course. The AOQF Peer Reviewer will reach out to the course representative to establish a timeline and ask any questions they may have. 
  3. The AOQF Peer Reviewer completes the review by completing the AOQF Course Review Form and attaching it to the AOQF Course Review ticket. 
  4. After the review, there are two possibilities: 
    1. If the course meets all fundamentals, the ticket will be closed and a course badge will be generated.
    2. If the course does not meet all fundamentals, Distance Education will support the Course Representative in making changes until the course meets all fundamentals.  

Discrepancy Procedure: 

If a Course Review Form indicates that one or more fundamentals are not met, but the Course Representative disagrees with the decision(s), the course representative will meet with a Distance Education staff member to review the fundamental(s) in question. If no resolution is reached, then three AOQF Peer Reviewers will be asked to review the course for the fundamental(s) in question. The three AOQF Peer Reviewers will individually provide a decision of “met” or “not met” for the disputed fundamental(s). The final determination regarding whether the fundamental(s) were met or not met is based on the majority decision among the three AOQF Peer Reviewers. 

This procedure aims to ensure a fair and objective resolution of disagreements while maintaining the integrity of the AOQF Course Review Program. 

If you have a current online course you would like to get peer-reviewed, please submit your request by completing the online AOQF Course Review ticket (opens new window).

To be eligible to participate in the AOQF program:  

  •  You must have a fully developed, current online course   
  •  The course has not been already reviewed by DE or QM 

If you have completed the APPQMR and have taught an online course in the last year, you could provide invaluable feedback to other APSU faculty. To become an AOQF Peer Reviewer, please complete the following steps: 

  1. Submit a Peer Reviewer ticket (opens new window) to start your application and be enrolled in the AOQF Peer Reviewer Workshop in D2L. 
  2. Once enrolled, complete the AOQF Peer Reviewer Workshop and earn the certificate.
  3. After successfully completing the workshop, upload your certificate to your original ticket application. 
  4.  Meet with a DE representative and start reviewing courses once assigned.

AOQF Course Review Form: Please fill this form out when completing a review of a peer's course.

AOQF Guidebook: Please use this guidebook to help you complete the Course Review Form.