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Membership and Responsibilities of University Curriculum Committee


The University Curriculum Committee receives and studies proposed changes in curriculum and makes final recommendations to the President of the University. The Committee may initiate studies of curricular concern and make resultant recommendations to the President of the University. It may deliberate and make recommendations relative to curricular proposals submitted to it through usual academic offices or by faculty organizations. In addition, the Committee advises on curricular matters that the President may submit to the Committee for its consideration. The General Education Committee shall serve the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs or the University Curriculum Committee. When either the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs or the University Curriculum Committee desires review of general education core issues, this standing committee will be available for this purpose.




Membership Term Member Title
Permanent Member/Chair         Provost/Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Three Year Term         Three from Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors (or comparable position)
appointed by the President
Three Year Term         Seven tenured teaching faculty (includes Chairs and Associate Deans)
appointed by Faculty Senate in the Spring semester
Three Year Term         One member from the College of Graduate Studies or Graduate Academic Council
appointed by Faculty Senate
Three Year Term         3 members from full-time teaching faculty (including chairpersons)
appointed by the President
One Year Term         2 members from the undergraduate student body
appoint by the Student Government Association
One Year Term         1 member from the graduate student body
appointed by Student Government Association
One Year Term         Representative from Faculty Senate
Ex-Officio (non-voting)         Registrar
Ex-Officio (non-voting)         General Education Standing Committee Chair
Ex-Officio (non-voting)         Professional Advising Representative
Ex-Officio (non-voting)         Senior Vice Provost and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs



General Education Standing Committee

The General Education Standing Committee will have the responsibility for ensuring the critical competencies or other university-wide general education outcomes are assessed on a periodic basis and the results are used for improvement of the general education core and student achievement. An annual report will be provided to the provost regarding progress in meeting outcomes to instill in students the critical competencies. In addition, the committee will review and vote on all changes and addition to university general education core courses and will advise the University Curriculum Committee for their final decision. 


  • Term of Office The terms of office shall be as set forth in this document, and shall begin upon the first day of Fall semester. 
  • Meeting and Quorum Meetings shall be held at the call of the chairperson, or upon written request to the chairperson of at least six members, or by action of the Committee at a prior meeting. At least one meeting shall be held each semester.
  • A quorum shall be those persons present at a meeting called in accordance with the paragraph above, written notice of which has been distributed through campus mail to the members at least five working days before the meeting.

There shall be a system of rotation of selected and recommended members of the University Curriculum Committee. With the exception of permanent members of the Committee, a person once having served as a member of the Committee shall not become eligible for membership again until twelve months have elapsed; except that in the event of selection or appointment to fill an unexpired term as the result of the resignation, change in job assignment, or death of a member, such membership for a period of less than twelve months shall not preclude re-appointment. 

This Constitution may be amended by majority vote of those in attendance at a duly constituted meeting following the meeting at which the changes were introduced.