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Program Accreditation Information

Austin Peay has numerous programs accredited through specialized program accreditation agencies. These accreditations are earned after rigorous evaluation and proof of excellence within of the field of study and degree level. These program accrediting agencies are on the Tennessee Higher Education Commission’s list of approved accreditors. Programs that are not accredited or seeking accreditation go through a Program Review process.

Click here for a table with information on accredited programs


The Senior Vice Provost and Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs supports the program accreditation process for academic departments. Such programs fall into three categories:

  1. Programs seeking initial accreditation
  2. Programs seeking reaccreditation
  3. Accredited programs not yet up for reaccreditation

The Senior Vice Provost provides guidance and assistance regarding site visits, communication with accreditors, annual reports, self-studies, accurate and consistent university representation, and adherence to accreditation standards. APSU Policy 2:032 Program Accreditation provides information and guidelines on the process. 

Program Accreditation and Review Workshops


Program Accreditation and Review Workshop 1: Roles and Requirements

Program Accreditation and Review Workshop 2: Resources

Program Accreditation and Review Workshop 3: IE and Assessment

Program Accreditation and Review Workshop 4: Hosting Site Visits


After viewing our workshops, please help us to improve our support of your program accreditation and review processes by completing this brief survey.


The Shared Program Accreditation/Review Materials (SPARM) Microsoft Teams group was created as a centralized location for information and materials that are useful university-wide when preparing or updating information for program accreditation and/or program review. Resources housed in SPARM include:

  • Pertinent university documents such as bulletins, handbooks, and calendars
  • University-wide statements for use in correspondence, reports, and self-studies
  • Past correspondence between APSU programs and accreditors
  • Program accreditation workshop materials
  • Site-visit logistical information

SPARM is maintained by the Senior Vice Provost's area of Academic Affairs. Please contact us if you would like access to the Teams group or it you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.