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Institutional Effectiveness Review Process

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee, which is comprised of faculty and staff from across campus, conducts multiple reviews throughout the IE cycle. These reviews are focused on providing feedback to units regarding their IE Plans and Results Reports. The review process typically follows this schedule:

February 15 IE Plans for upcoming IE Cycle are submitted by units
March - April IE Committee reviews unit IE Plans
May Feedback Reports for IE Plans are sent to units
September 15 Results Reports are submitted by units for the previous IE Cycle
October - November IE Committee reviews unit Results Reports
December Feedback Reports for Results Reports are sent to units


Why does the Committee review plans and reports?

The goal of the review is to provide formative peer feedback to units, providing ideas for improved clarity or quality of outcomes, measures, results reporting, results analysis, or improvement actions. The review also helps the Office of IEA, university leaders, and others know where the IE process may need improvement and where employee development or resources may be most needed to support the IE process. In this way, the review not only provides feedback to units, but is also a "meta-analysis" of our institutional IE process. 

What is the Committee looking for when they review our plans and reports?

The Committee uses a rubric with evaluation criteria that are based in best practices in IE assessment and APSU IE requirements. 

What should we do with the feedback?

Each unit will receive a feedback report directly from IEA following each review cycle. The feedback includes ratings on each evaluation criteria, which include:

The feedback also includes suggested revisions, required revisions, and kudos, which are defined as follows:

Units are expected to review the feedback and discuss within the program or office. If revisions are required, units should revise and resubmit via the Qualtrics form for their unit type. Suggested revisions may or may not be addressed by the unit, depending on the nature of the suggestion. Often, suggestions can be taken into consideration for future plans/reports, if a retroactive revision is not necessary or desired. Units can always consult with IEA staff on feedback to determine what is needed. 

Where can I find feedback reports, IE plans, Results Reports, and Qualtrics form links for my unit? 

All of these items (and more!) can be found in the IE Planning Team in Microsoft Teams. If you need access to the IE Planning Team, please contact Allie Michael (michaela@apsu.edu).