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Assessment Redesign Institute (ARI)

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The office of IEA offers Assessment Redesign Institute opportunities for both faculty and staff participating in assessment at APSU. 

Staff ARI

Faculty ARI

Staff ARI

The Staff Assessment Redesign Institute (ARI) is a professional development program that focuses on developing meaningful administrative unit outcomes, crafting effective methods to measure success, and "closing the loop" by using this process to inform changes and leverage strengths. Stay tuned to our website for more information about upcoming staff ARI events!

The Staff ARI is open to any non-degree unit interested in developing their assessment plan for Administrative Unit Outcomes. We are limiting participation to 10 units, with 2 representatives from each unit participating. Participation is on a first come, first served basis. 

The Summer 2024 Staff ARI will be held July 15-18. This event will be held over four days with the following format: 

Why should staff participate in the Assessment Redesign Institute? 

The IE Process is designed to strengthen units and their process, but assessment may be a relatively new venture for many units or the individuals leading these efforts. Participating in the Staff ARI will allow units to better understand the why behind the assessment process and become stronger and more effective as a result. Individual participants will strengthen their assessment knowledge and learn how to document professional success, both critical skills to help staff develop and demonstrate their effectiveness as employees. 

Apply for the Staff ARI by completing the form found here

Faculty ARI 

Stay tuned for more information regarding upcoming faculty professional development opportunities. 

The Assessment Redesign Institute (ARI) provides faculty the opportunity to review and improve their existing program-level assessment plans in a focused, supportive environment. The ARI will be facilitated by the Director of IEA and members of the IE Planning Group.

Up to five (5) programs will be selected to participate in the ARI. Each program identifies 2 faculty members (the chair or assessment coordinator and another faculty member) to participate during the summer. Faculty participants will receive a stipend for their work and leadership in assessment.

For more information regarding the ARI, please contact Amanda Wornhoff, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (wornhoffa@apsu.edu) or Charlie Gonzalez, Lead Co-Chair, IE Committee (gonzalezc@apsu.edu). 

Why should a program apply for the ARI?

What are the benefits of participating in the ARI?

What is the time commitment for the ARI?