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Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Planning Resources

"An assessment plan captures agreement about what matters, gives direction for actions, and provides a means to determine if progress is being made."
Banda & Palomba, 2015, p. 20

IE Planning

Designing Effective Assessment Measures

IE Planning in Microsoft Teams

IE Results Reports Workshop Materials

IE Planning Workshop Materials:

For additional help with the IE Planning process, please reach out to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment. We offer individual meetings with departments and units to assist with the planning and development of outcomes. Please complete the online form to request services from our office.

IEA Service Request Form: www.apsu.edu/institutional-effectiveness/iea-service-form

What is IE Planning?

Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Planning is a vital component of meeting the mission of the university. Through the IE planning and review process, programs, departments, and offices gain a clear picture of their overall performance related to desired outcomes and use data to make informed decisions. Some benefits of IE Planning include:

Key Terms for IE Planning
Additional terms can be found in the print version of this guide.

IE Planning Process at APSU

The Office of IEA at APSU has categorized units that participate in the IE Planning process into 3 groups based on SACSCOC standards. These groups, and their IE Planning requirements are as follows:

A full list of units that participate in IE Planning and their unit types can be found here. Please note that this list is for IE planning purposes only. For a list of all degree programs and concentrations, including implementation dates, please refer to the Academic Program Inventory.

For IE Planning timelines, visit our IE Planning Timelines webpage. 

IE Planning Templates

Academic and Student Support Services IE Plan Template

Administrative Unit IE Plan Template

Degree and Certificate Program IE Plan Template

Results Report Templates 

2021-22 Results Report Template - Administrative Units

2021-22 Results Report Template - Academic and Student Support Services Units

2021-22 Results Report Template - Degree and Certificate Programs