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What is Institutional Effectiveness (IE)?

The institutional effectiveness (IE)/assessment process at APSU includes the identification of outcomes, collection and analysis of assessment data, and use of results to make programmatic or administrative  improvements.

The university-wide Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) assists in supporting continuous improvement by reexamining the process itself on an annual basis. The IEC oversees the process and provides feedback for the annual program-level outcomes assessment reports as well as for academic support units, administrative and other non-academic units. The committee membership comprises faculty and staff representing the variety and diversity of programs and units at the University. The process, called the Institutional Effectiveness Process (IEP), comprises four steps:

  1. Planning
  2. Assessing and analyzing outcomes
  3. Improvement
  4. Review

This annual process fosters continuous improvement and gives departments the data needed to make informed decisions and enhance their programs and services and improve student learning, thereby providing graduates with the knowledge and skills within the mission of the university. Visit our IE Planning Resources page for detailed instructions on completing an IE Plan.