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Grade Appeal Policy

The purpose of the University’s Student Grade Appeal policy is to hear students’ grievances about the final grade awarded in a course or the method of evaluation. Students may appeal course grades in accordance with the Student Grade Appeal Policy, www.apsu.edu/policy. Once a degree has been posted to the transcript, the academic record is deemed complete and changes will not be made on grades earned prior to the posted degree.

Policy 2:040 details the procedure for appealing a grade (Click here to learn more). A student should first try to resolve the issue with the faculty member if possible. If this attempt is not agreeable, the student should then appeal in writing to the department chair in the area where the instructor is a member. The departmental assistant can provide information about the name of the department chair. If the situation is not resolved at this level, the student can then appeal to the dean of the college over that department. If the appeal needs to proceed further than the dean, the student may then contact the office of Academic Affairs at 931-221-7676.