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In August 2022, APSU expanded our access to the Watermark Faculty Success modules to the entire faculty, providing CV building and reporting tools for all full-time faculty at the university. Please see below for resources to help you navigate our Watermark modules.

Faculty, Chairs, and Deans can access Watermark with their SSO credentials using the button below.

SSO Login

Non-faculty (administrative assistants, system managers, etc.) can access Watermark with their APSU email and a self-created Watermark password using the button below.

Administrative Login

Faculty Success

The Activities tab within Watermark Faculty Success will be the landing page when faculty log into the system using their SSO credentials. This is the page through which you input typical CV data for the various fields listed. Please read the resources linked below and watch the training video to best utilize the tools and functions within the system.

APSU Watermark User Guide

Watermark Faculty Success Overview

APSU Watermark Overview Video

One particular entry in Watermark can be trickier than the rest. When inputting your publications, consider using the "Import" function outlined below:

Watermark Publication Import


We will be utilizing the Workflows tab in Watermark to streamline processes like Annual Faculty Evaluation, RTP, and more. We are still currently building out these workflows, so no action is currently necessary in this module. More information about Workflows and our transition for RTP from D2L will be disseminated soon.


Faculty currently have access to run two specific reports: the Annual Activity Report (a yearly glimpse of activity and accomplishments) and the Vita report (a full CV). The information needed for Annual Faculty Evaluation, RTP, and other workflows will automatically generate within that module. Faculty will not need to upload those documents.