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Institutional Data

APSU has two systems that allow users to interact with data: Power BI and Argos.

Official Data (Power BI)

Our Institutional Official Data is collected at census (14th Day) and the end of the degree reporting year. These data can be used for records, reports, and grants. Our office uses the data for survey reporting on Enrollment, Graduation, Degrees, and Retention.

Click here to access Institutional Official Data Power BI Dashboards (Public)

Power BI Dashboards Guide

Internal Data (Argos)

Argos houses reports and dashboards only available to those with an Argos account and required permissions. The data in this system can change on a daily basis in Banner and are best used for internal decision making.

Click here to access Argos (APSU Employee / Login Required)

How to access Argos

Other Available Data

Academic Program Inventory

Common Data Set

Special Requests:

Archived data is available upon request. Please click here to make any request or visit govstech.apsu.edu to submit a service ticket. DSIR requires all requests to be submitted through Govstech so they can be handled in an efficient and timely manner.