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iris logoInstitutional Research Information System

In physiology the iris works with the lens to allow us to see objects more clearly and distinctly. It is a powerful tool allowing us to discern patterns and differences so that we can learn new knowledge and gain greater understanding to improve our lives.

The Institutional Research Information System (IRIS) is also a powerful interactive tool created by DSIR that gives the user access to APSU’s official data and allows the user to look at trends or to drill down to more specific pieces of information.

IRIS uses official APSU data. That is, it uses enrollment data that are extracted at Census Date and degree data at the end of the reporting year, and is subsequently “frozen” or locked down. These official data can then be used to complete official reports, applications, or surveys. IRIS does not contain operational data that will constantly change over time.

Power BI home page image

The IRIS system is user-friendly and is built on the Power BI platform. To start using this system, click on the button below for the IRIS home screen. From there, you will be given a menu of the types of data you can access. Each screen will have some prompts and information balloons to help you navigate the system. In the near future, DSIR plans to include more data into IRIS.

Now, just click the button and begin to explore…

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Using the IRIS Dashboards

Power BI offers many helpful tools within the software to interact with the provided census data. Below are links to guide sections with written instructions and images that assist you with common tools and information when using the IRIS Power BI dashboards.

Navigating Pages

To navigate between the dashboards, click on the dashboard title needed. If you need to go back to the home page for more information about IRIS, click the "Home" button in the top right area of the dashboard.

powerbi navigation

Using the Information Icon

To use the information icons, hover over the information icon to see general information about all dashboards.

power bi information button

Focus Mode

To make a graphic or table larger, hover over the upper right corner of the graph and click focus mode.

power bi focus mode

Sort Descending and Ascending

If you need to sort a table either ascending or descending, hover over the column and click the arrow to sort data.

power bi sorting

Filtering Data

Use the dropdown menus provided at the top of the dashboards to filter the data.

power bi filtering

If you need to clear all selections in a filter dropdown, hover over the dropdown menu and click the eraser icon labeled "Clear Selections".

power bi clearing selections

Data Drilling

Data Drilling allows you to interact with the data on a more detailed level. Click on any data attritube of a graph, table, or list to see data for that specific attribute.

powerbi data drilling


Tooltips are provided with some graphs and tables. Hover over the question mark to see an explanation of the data presented.