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Data Governance

Data Governance is an organized system designed to manage data resources in the most efficient and effective way.  The purpose of data governance is to ensure that data are created, maintained and used in a manner which provides the best value to the institution. The scope of data governance includes defining terminology, data security, integrity, accuracy, business process management, data policies and documentation.  In order to be effective, it must be a collaborative effort involving Decision Support and Institutional Research, the Office of Information Technology, and functional areas. Ultimately the institution can operate in an optimized data environment, as a result of changes in data management that are transformational to the way the University makes decisions and carries out its business. All areas of the institution will have an awareness of the global uses of data and the inter-connectivity of data elements. The data governance will also assist the University in meeting its new obligations to report data directly to THEC. Austin Peay State University has established a data governance program charged with carrying out the important task of properly managing university data as an asset.