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Qualtrics is Austin Peay’s online survey tool. Qualtrics allows faculty and staff to build and distribute surveys as well as analyze responses. It is a simple-to-use web-based platform that can help APSU employees conduct survey research, evaluations, and other data collection activities.

Please note that the university has established protocols for the administration of surveys within the APSU community in Policy 2:062 – Survey Administration.

In addition, the university has established a Survey Policy and Oversight Committee. The Survey Policy and Oversight Committee (SPOC) is charged with reviewing the quality, content and applicability of all proposed surveys to determine if they adhere to the Survey Administration Policy (2:062) and to issue whatever time, place and manner restrictions are appropriate. Survey administration oversight by the SPOC does not supersede the policies and procedures of the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Many surveys also require IRB approval. The SPOC is also the gatekeeper for access to the database containing contact information and provides “contact information release” guidelines to the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Decision Support and Institutional Research.

To obtain access or training to Qualtrics, contact Brandi Bickham at bickhamb@apsu.edu or (931) 221-6244.


For on-demand webinars, follow these provided instructions Accessing Qualtrics Training Webinars.