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Why Study Reading

This program is designed for students with a teaching license who are interested in furthering their knowledge of literacy instruction and students' literacy practices. Graduates from this program may choose to stay in the classroom with their enhanced skills and understandings or to pursue leadership positions, such as reading specialists or literacy coaches.

The Reading MAED program will help candidates improve their knowledge of literacy, best literacy practices, and/or pursuing a position as a reading specialist, curriculum coach, or reading teacher. Upon successful completion of the coursework, candidates will be awarded a master’s degree. After three years of successful teaching experience and passing the Reading Specialist Praxis exam, a Reading Specialist License may be awarded.

This program is completely online and can be completed in one calendar year (three semesters), making it convenient for those who are currently teaching. The program consists of 10 courses, all of which are designed to align with the International Literacy Association's standards for literacy specialists. More than half of the courses in our program have also been reviewed by Quality Matters and have received the QM seal of approval.

All faculty in this program have doctoral degrees in literacy education or related fields and are actively engaged in the profession through research and service. All faculty have also received extensive training in online/distance education and have undergone course review processes for their online courses.

Admission Requirements

For information related to admission requirements or to view the courses within each program, please visit the graduate bulletin.

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Reading, MAED


Professional Licensure Disclosure

Students should be aware that licensure and certification requirements vary from state to state and are subject to change. Licensing agencies or boards also may have requirements in addition to an earned degree. APSU recommends that students who are not Tennessee residents or who plan to seek licensure or certification outside the state of Tennessee contact the appropriate licensing agency or board before they enroll in an academic program designed to lead to licensure or certification and discuss their plans with an advisor.

Please visit the Professional Licensure Disclosure webpage to review specific licensure information for your state and academic program.