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Ready to take the next step toward a new career? Now is the time.

We are glad you are considering APSU to further your education. Please utilize the information below to start a new application or review an existing application.

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To review an existing graduate admission application, please visit the Admissions Application Review Site and log in using the ID and PIN you created when you started your application.

To upload documents to your current application, please use the document upload option or email the documents to gradadmissions@apsu.edu.

For any questions regarding the application or admission process, please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 931-221-7662 or e-mail gradadmissions@apsu.edu .


Cherilyn Padgett
Cherilyn Padgett
Doctor of Psychology

I wanted to maximize my opportunities, create additional streams of income, and increase my advocacy platform. Obtaining a PsyD was in line with my personal and professional goals.
David Chad Mitchell
David Chad Mitchell
Master of Science in Leadership

As a recent graduate of the Master of Science in Leadership program, it has helped me see what is possible and that I can help others be successful from a leadership position. The program was very flexible and fit well into my busy schedule and work swing shift. Since obtaining my degree, I have taken on a new role that has allowed me to put what I learned to use.
Olivia Wild
Olivia Wild
Master of Arts in Education

The Reading Specialist Master's Degree ensures that every teacher identifies as a confident literacy leader in education. As a reading specialist, you will be a literacy leader in your classroom with your students and a role model with other teachers in your building.
Dorian Campbell
Dorian Campbell
Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

My most cherished experience is the connectivity between my professors and me. I was more than a screen name, I was an opportunity for my professors to develop, motivate, and empower. Austin Peay's I-O program has left an indelible mark in my life and birthed a new career journey that bridged my passion and purpose.