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Doctoral Student Dissertation Information

Students who are completing a doctoral degree at Austin Peay State University are required to complete a doctoral dissertation. The information provided below will help students throughout the process of completing a dissertation.

Dissertation Preparation Manual

Verification of Completion for Doctor of Education

All doctoral students should complete the following prior to graduation.

  1. Complete a Graduate Program of Study/Graduate Committee Assignment form (this should be completed in the first semester).
  2. Successfully complete and defend the written and oral comprehensive exams at least two weeks prior to graduation (this will occur in the Summer of Year 2; before proposal defense).
  3. Successfully complete and defend doctoral dissertation at least six weeks prior to graduation.
  4. Submit a completed signature page to the College of Graduate Studies (for Dean signature) two weeks prior to graduation. This page must be included in the dissertation.
  5. Submit Verification of Completion for Doctor of Education College of Graduate Studies at least two weeks prior to graduation.
  6. Submit your dissertation to ProQuest at least three weeks prior to graduation here.

* All graduate students must check the Registrar's webpage for graduation application deadlines.

Doctoral Student Support

To aid the dissertation success of doctoral students enrolled at Austin Peay, the College of Graduate Studies and the Academic Support Center provide the below-listed experts. Within reason, the listed experts provide their expertise to doctoral students at the request of Doctoral Faculty*. Please note that the breadth of knowledge for technical writing and mathematics is simply too much for any one expert to be knowledgeable, and therefore, additional experts may sometimes aid the doctoral student. The experts will not be solving the doctoral students’ current “problem” but rather guide the student to relevant solutions and alternatives. In short, the experts will not rewrite manuscripts or solve math/statistics problems for the doctoral student. Again, please be aware that only the Doctoral Faculty person overseeing the dissertation can request help from the below listed experts on behalf of the doctoral student.

*Doctoral Faculty are those faculty who oversee the doctoral student’s dissertation. Only Doctoral Faculty may solicit, on behalf of the doctoral student, the help from experts listed below.

For Technical Writing Support
Dr. David Major
Professor, Languages & Literature

For Mathematics and Statistics Support
Dr. Matt Jones
Professor, Mathematics and Statistics