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Students learn to code videogames in Maynard Math and Science building

Computer Science: Concentration Software Engineering

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Why Software Engineering

This program focuses on the areas needed to develop and manage large software systems. Topics include software requirements, design, architecture, testing, quality assurance, and project management.

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) is one of the largest computer science department in the state of Tennessee. CSIT offers multiple Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees and multiple Master’s Degrees (M.S. / PSM) to over 600 students / majors. There are multiple areas of study (concentrations) available under multiple majors. The majority of the concentrations are offered 100% online. All concentrations are offered on-campus. On-campus students may take online classes if they wish to do so. Transfer, online, military-affiliated, second-degree, and non-traditional students are welcome.

B.S. CS: Software Engineering Concentration majors go on to pursue many different paths, such as, but not limited to: Software Engineer, Mobile Specialist/Technologist, Web Developer, Software Developer, Software Programmer, Applications Developer, Computer Programmer, Computer Systems Analyst etc.

The APSU Computer Science and Information Technology Department has dedicated full-time faculty members and features small class sizes. All classes are taught by professors and instructors satisfying APSU Faculty Qualifications Matrix. Many classes are conducted in modern computer labs, and all classrooms are “smart” classrooms, allowing computer-based demonstrations and lectures.

Department of Computer Science & IT faculty have decades of real-world experience and education in the computing field. All full-time professors have completed terminal degrees in computing and part-time faculty members have many years of real-world experience in different computing disciplines. Many full-time and part-time faculty act as consultants, and/or conduct regular multidisciplinary computing-related research.

What Will I Learn


Sample Course Plan and General Education Requirements

Software Engineering Sample 4 Year Plan

General Education Core