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Robyn Yates poses in Maynard Math and Science building

Computer Science and Information Technology

The Department of Computer Science & IT at APSU is one of the largest computer science departments in the state of Tennessee.

Computer science & IT is one of the fastest growing fields in the modern world.

At APSU's Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, our experienced faculty and over 30 years of experience guarantee that you will be prepared for any computing field with one of our undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees.

We welcome on-line, transfer, military-affiliated and second-degree students. If you need more information, please contact our office, at 931-221-7840 or email.

Full Time Faculty, plus 15 Adjuncts & 30+ TAs
Students in all programs
Concentrations in 3 B.S. Degrees
5 & 4
Concentrations in our M.S. & PSM Degrees
Military-Affiliated Undergraduate Students
Unique Minors

Mission Statement

The department’s mission is to provide leadership for the integration of technology into the curriculum, to provide students with current technological skills and knowledge, to develop collaborative skills, and to teach students to learn, enabling them to live productively in an ever-changing technological world.

A Second Home

Experiences extend past the classroom with Free Peer Tutoring, Ranked-Up Esports and our ACM Chapter. Every semester brings many events and speakers that show how technology is used in the real world. Plus, the Maynard Math & Science Building and the Technology Building provide ample social space, study nooks, and all the power outlets students could ever need to ensure that they can keep connected with Austin Peay.

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Giving Back

Great programmers have a passion for their work, and one of the best times to learn that passion is during grade school. We spread the technology we have through our APSU Junior Coders classes and our APSU Coding Camps, getting kids invested in the computing world.

Quick Links for Current Students:

Elijah Carter
Elijah-Pharoah Carter
Cyber Security

I’ve always had a love of computers, and after I began to research the degree offerings at Austin Peay, it just made me sure that this was the place I needed to be. I’ve always wanted to know how computers work and be one of the guys behind making them work, and the degree I’ll receive at Austin Peay will definitely help me in the future.
Robyn Yates
Robyn Yates
('18) Computer Science

Austin Peay gave me a new beginning, an opportunity. I had no direction, no clue what I wanted to do. Now I’m so excited and ready to rule the world with code. I’m stoked.
Domas Budrys
Domas Budrys ('17)
(2019) Data Analysis and Management

One of the most important opportunities Austin Peay has provided me was the introduction to Computer Science. Before coming here I had no idea what I wanted to study, but I've found this field to be one I would enjoy and be happy with a career in.
Luke Cecil
Luke Cecil
Computer Science

I did my research and I chose Austin Peay because it combined the opportunities of a large university with the one-on-one education of a private school and now I feel like I have two homes: one in Kentucky and my other home here in Clarksville, Tennessee.
Beverly Jean-Baptiste
Meet Beverly Jean-Baptiste - Class of 2017

B.S. Computer Science & Information Systems
Computer Science Concentration, Mathematics Minor

"The computer science program gives me a chance to learn different languages, programs and applications. I look forward to pursuing a career as a software developer after graduation."

Mikala Webber
Meet Mikayla Webber - Class of 2018

B.S. Computer Science & Information Systems
Computer Science Concentration, Information Systems Concentration

"We learn the skills to be public speakers, leaders and teammates, while learning the fundamental skills of a computer scientist."

Sam Bennett
Meet Sam J. Bennett - Class of 2015

B.S. Computer Science & Information Systems
Information Systems Concentration, Mobile Software Technology Minor

"The classwork has helped me in many ways. The programming courses really help teach the mindset of problem solving. There are also courses involving group work that offer good experience working with others on a software project."

Tiffany Broadbent
Meet Tiffany Broadbent - Class of 2015

B.S. Computer Science & Information Systems
Internet & Web Technology Concentration, Graphic Design Minor

"The computer science faculty at APSU is phenomenal in the way they all truly want each and every student to succeed to their highest potential. Receiving extra assistance for class assignments is never an issue, as the professors and tutors are always available and open to answer any questions I may have."