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CSIT Student-led Tutoring : OPEN! for Summer 2023

:: In-Person (MMCS133) OR Virtual (Microsoft Teams)

APSU Learning Resource Center may also provide peer tutoring services this semester, and may cover some computer science classes. Please check their website for details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. James Church at churchj@apsu.edu or over Microsoft Teams.

Tutoring Information: OPEN for Summer 2023

Tutoring is available in-person (in MMCS133 / Maynard 133 Lab) or using Microsoft Teams. If you need to use Zoom, please ask a tutor to set up a Zoom meeting. We are no longer offering Zoom as a default option this semester (although some tutors do offer a Zoom option).


Note: In-Person Tutoring Services are provided in the Maynard 133 lab.
Last Day of Tutoring: 2023-08-04 (Aug 4).

Tutoring is FREE for all in-class and online students in APSU classes. Tutoring is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. The tutors also provide software installation assistance service. You provide the legally obtained software, we teach you how to install the software.

Closed on days when classes are canceled (holidays, breaks, snow days).

Weekly Tutoring Schedule

Individual Tutor Supported Classes and Schedule

Millen Kidane (OPEN for Summer 2023)
  • Email: mkidane@my.apsu.edu
  • Supported Classes: csci 1010/1011/2010/2011/1300/2500/2600/3300/3350/4000/4400/4405/4460/4520/4612/4650/4750
  • Drop-in Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30 to 10:30 am
  • In-Person MMCS133 OR Virtual (Microsoft Teams, new chat "mkidane@my.apsu.edu" followed by video call)
  • Zoom Meeting available during above drop-in hours: Meeting ID: 997 5164 1461 (https://apsu.zoom.us/j/99751641461)
Ethen Carrell - Coming Soon.
  • Email: 1ecarrell@apsu.edu
  • Supported Classes: csci 1010/2000/2070/2600/2700/3005/3250/3400/3410/4450/4100/4200/4230/3300/3500/4270/4400/4560/4561/4562/4563; MATH 1910/2110/3000/3450/3250
  • Drop-in Hours: (coming soon)
  • In-Person MMCS133 OR Virtual (Microsoft Teams, new chat "1ecarrell@apsu.edu" followed by video call)