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Computer Science & IT - Faculty & Staff

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For ALL General Inquiries, please call 931-221-7840 (M-F: 8:00am-4:30pm, USA Central Time) OR email us at apsu_cs@apsu.edu



Ms. Beth Pounds

Ms. Beth L. Pounds (2016), Academic Assistant to Chair

:: Student Worker Supervisor ::

A.S. Liberal Arts, Austin Peay State University

Office:  Maynard 206
Phone:  931-221-7131
Email:   poundsb@apsu.edu



Mr. Mark Gray

Mr. Mark Gray (2006), Student Success Coordinator

:: Freshman / Sophomore Advisor ::

B.A. Business Education, University of Kentucky
B.S. Agronomy, University of Kentucky
M.A. Business Education, Eastern Kentucky University
Post-Master's School Administration, Western Kentucky University

Office:  McReynolds Building MCR 105
Phone:  931-221-7142
Email:   graym@apsu.edu



Ms. Rachel Carlson

Ms. Rachel D. Carlson (2021), Academic Advisor

:: Freshman / Sophomore Advisor ::

B.S. Psychology, South Dakota State University
M.Ed. Adult & Higher Education, South Dakota State University

Office:  Maynard 230
Phone:  931-221-7115
Email:   carlsonr@apsu.edu


Full-time Faculty


Mr. Barry G. Bruster

Mr. Barry G. Bruster (2015), Senior Instructor

:: AC3DC Security Contest Coordinator ::
:: Graduate Seminar // Graduate Advisor (CyberSecurity) ::

M.S., Amberton University
M.A., Austin Peay State University

Office:  Maynard 228
Phone:  931-221-7848
Email:   brusterbg@apsu.edu
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)



Dr. Kriti Chauhan

Dr. Kriti Chauhan (Feb 2022), Assistant Professor

Ph.D. Information Systems, University of Texas - Arlington

Office:  Maynard 107
Phone:  931-221-7822
Email:   chauhank@apsu.edu
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)



Dr. James Church

Dr. James Church (2016), Associate Professor

:: Coding Camp // ACM Student Chapter // Outreach Coordinator ::
:: APSU Junior Coders Faculty Sponsor, Student Worker Coordinator ::

Ph.D. Engineering Science - Computer Science, University of Mississippi

Office:  Maynard 221
Phone:  931-221-6242
Email:   churchj@apsu.edu
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)



Dr. Nicholas Coleman

Dr. Nicholas A. Coleman (2012), Associate Professor
Associate Dean, College of STEM

:: ABET // sacscoc Coordinator ::

Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Office:  Maynard 222
Phone:  931-221-7975
Email:   colemann@apsu.edu
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)



Dr. Joseph V. Elarde

Dr. Joseph V. Elarde (2013), Associate Professor

:: Graduate Coordinator (CyberSecurity) ::
:: Graduate Seminar Coordinator ::

Ph.D. Computer Science, DePaul University

Office:  Maynard 227
Phone:  931-221-7301
Email:   elardej@apsu.edu
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)



Dr. Mir A. Hasan

Dr. Mir A. Hasan (2019), Assistant Professor

:: Graduate Coordinator (CyberSecurity) ::

Ph.D. Computer Science, Florida State University

Office:  Maynard 213
Phone:  931-221-7856
Email:   hasanm@apsu.edu
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)



Dr. Leong Lee

Dr. Leong Lee (2011), Professor
Department Chair

:: Department Chair ::

Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Missouri (Missouri S&T)

Office:  Maynard 206 / 207
Phone:  931-221-7038
Email:   leel@apsu.edu
Website: https://leeleong.com/
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)



Dr. Jiang Li

Dr. Jiang Li (2003), Professor

:: Graduate Coordinator (Data Science) ::
:: Policy // Major Field Test Coordinator ::

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Ph.D. Level Minor in Computer Science

Office:  Maynard 231
Phone:  931-221-7828
Email:   lij@apsu.edu
Website: apsu.edu/csci/lij/
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)



Dr. Alice Lin

Dr. Alice Lin (2018), Associate Professor

:: APSU Faculty Senator ::

Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Kentucky

Office:  Maynard 214
Phone:  931-221-7846
Email:   lina@apsu.edu
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)



Dr. John A. Nicholson

Dr. John A. Nicholson (2010), Professor

:: Robotics Lab // Curriculum // Internship Coordinator ::
:: APSU Ranked-Up E-SPORTS Faculty Sponsor ::

Ph.D. Computer Science, Utah State University

Office:  Maynard 209
Phone:  931-221-7821
Email:   nicholsonja@apsu.edu
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)



Dr. Saeid SamadiDana

Dr. Saeid Samadi-Dana (2019), Assistant Professor

:: Computer Lab Director // APSU Faculty Senator::
:: IEEE Senior Member ::

Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Tulsa

Office:  Maynard 216
Phone:  931-221-7854
Email:   samadidanas@apsu.edu
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)



Dr. Tiangyang Wang

Dr. Tianyang Wang (2018), Assistant Professor

:: Major Field Test Coordinator ::

Ph.D. Computer Science, Southern Illinois University

Office:  Maynard 211
Phone:  931-221-1630
Email:   wangt@apsu.edu
Website: https://tianyangwang.org/
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)



Dr. Yingbing Yu

Dr. Yingbing Yu (2007), Professor

:: Networking Lab Coordinator, Assessment Coordinator ::
:: Library Resources Liaison ::

Ph.D. Computer Science & Engineering, University of Louisville

Office:  Maynard 215
Phone:  931-221-7826
Email:   yuy@apsu.edu
Office Hours (Spring / Fall)


Professor Emeritus


Dr. Jim Bateman

Dr. Jim Bateman (1990), Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Email:   batemanj@apsu.edu





Dr. Bruce Myers

Dr. Bruce Myers (1970), Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., University of Kentucky

Email:   myersb@apsu.edu



Prof. Nancy Smithfield

Prof. Nancy Smithfield (1984), Professor Emeritus

M.S. Computer Science, Western Kentucky University

Email:   SmithfieldN@apsu.edu





Dr. Jim Vandergriff

Dr. Jim Vandergriff (1997), Professor Emeritus

Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Email:   vandergriffj@apsu.edu



Adjunct Faculty