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Staff and Faculty Scholarship Resources


Performance-Based Scholarship Award Decision*

Once a scholarship award decision has been made, authorized staff should complete the following submission form electronically. The completed form should then be forwarded to Sherri Devers at deverss@apsu.edu for posting.

2023-2024 Scholarship Award Submission Form

2024-2025 Scholarship Award Submission Form

*This form is not to be used for Donor/Foundation Scholarship awardee notifications. The form is primarily used for Performance-Based Scholarships.

Scholarship Guide for Supervisors

All students should enroll and maintain full-time status (minimum 12 hours per semester) to retain these scholarships.

Scholarship Service Hours:
There should be a designated area in the office for signing in and recording hours completed. Students are required to complete 75 scholarship (no more – no less) service hours each semester to retain their scholarship. If they do not complete all hours, their scholarship will be cancelled for future semesters. To stay on track to complete the hours, a good rule of thumb is to have completed 37.5 hours by mid-term. New incoming students will receive their placement information through their AP email account prior to the start of the fall semester. This email will provide the contact information for the department in which they have been assigned. 

Continuing students will remain in their original departments, throughout the duration of their scholarship. A student may request to transfer to another department at the end of the semester if he or she is dissatisfied with the current placement. Requests are made to the Student Financial Aid & Scholarships. Efforts will be made to allow the transfer to the requested department; however, they may be assigned to any department needing assistance.

All students should report to their assigned department by the first week of classes. An unsatisfactory service performance may result in the cancellation of the scholarship.

General Dress Code:
Appropriate appearance is expected. Student should project a professional image. It is the supervisor's discretion to identify and address concerns as-needed.

Supervisor Responsibilities

· Monitor students’ hours to help ensure students complete 75 required hours.

· Do not let students complete more than 75 hours a semester or beyond the end of the semester.

· Poor service performance should be addressed with student. If unfavorable behavior persists, contact Samantha Perry in the Office of Student Financial Aid.

· Supervisors will be prompted to provide the total number of service hours a student has completed at the end of each semester.

Scholarship Cumulative GPA Service Hours Max Semesters Enrollment
Presidential 2.75 75 per semester 8 Full time
Howell C. Smith (Freshman) 2.75 75 per semester 8 Full time
Luther Tippit 3.0 6 hours per week 8 Full time


Staff involve with supervising scholarship student assistants can learn more information about this responsibility at the link below:

Sample Timesheet 

Scholarship Committee User Guide

Scholarship Committee User Guide