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TN Lottery Eligibility Information

The TN Lottery program requires that you meet the following criteria for initial and continuing eligibility. Please review the eligibility requirements below:

Regaining Eligibility

If you have lost the lottery scholarship due to dropping below the continuous enrollment status guidelines, you are not eligible to regain lottery. However, if you have lost the lottery scholarship due to GPA, then you are eligible to regain the lottery ONE TIME ONLY. Lottery eligibility is reviewed at each 24 attempted hours interval. As long as you meet the continuous enrollment criteria, then you are eligible to regain your lottery scholarship. If you have lost the lottery scholarship twice due to the GPA requirement, you are no longer eligible for the lottery scholarship. If you would like to have your regain eligibility reviewed, please submit the Lottery Scholarship Regain Option Request Form. For more information read:

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Course Repeats

A student shall have a one-time option to repeat one course and utilize only the higher of the two grades in the calculation of their postsecondary grade point average for purposes of determining continued eligibility for a TELS award. The semester hours for both attempted courses, however, will be included in the overall number of attempted hours for determining HOPE Scholarship eligibility. To request this exception, you must submit a Course Repeat/Exclusion Request Form.

Note: The Repeat/Exclusion Request cannot be processed for courses where a grade of FA, FN, W, or WF has been received.

 Example: During the fall semester, a new freshmen enrolls in and earns grades of English - D, History - B, Spanish – F and Geology - A. Therefore, the student earns a 1.84 TELS GPA. The student decides to retake English and Spanish as well as enrolling in two new classes (so as to maintain full-time enrollment status). The student earns all B grades. Student reaches the 24 attempted credit hours benchmark and chooses to exclude their initial Spanish grade rather than English by submitting a Course Repeat/Exclusion Request Form. When the exclusion is calculated, the student’s TELS GPA increases to a 2.86, and the exclusion is approved. 

The Lottery GPA is calculated as English - D, English - B, History – B, Spanish - B, Geology - A, and two other classes – B and B = 2.86 GPA whereas the University GPA is 3.15. The university GPA reflects the repeated course grade of B for English but does not include the D.