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Job Opportunities for Computer Science Students

Need Help starting your job search?

The APSU Office of Career Services provides excellent support services for job hunting. We strongly suggest all Computer Science Majors to make use of their free services, starting 2 years before your planned graduation date, to:

  1. Prepare resume, cover letter, and reference lists; Prepare the first draft of your resume; Use the resources and resume templates at the Office of Career Services: More information on Resumes.
  2. Choose one of the two resume templates below as your starting template:
    https://www.apsu.edu/csci/doc/APSU_CSIT_Resume_Internship_2.docxThis template uses top ruler to format column width.
    https://www.apsu.edu/csci/doc/APSU_CSIT_Resume_Internship_1.docThis template uses tables. Please highlight text, and show table border to format.

  3. Have the resume, cover letter and reference list professionally critiqued. E-mail your resume to them at careerservices@apsu.edu and you will receive a written critique within 72 hours. This is a free APSU service offered before and after your graduation.
  4. Start applying for jobs 6 months before your graduation date. 50 job applications is a good number to aim for.
  5. Customize your resume for each position.

At a time when unemployment is high and hiring is lagging in many disciplines/majors/fields, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is predicting that jobs for computer scientists will increase by 11% between 2014 and 2024, 4% above the average growth rate. (source). Unfortunately, professions in the Computer Science major are rarely available locally. The job opportunities are spread out across the country. Therefore, all computer science majors should keep an open mind and be ready to relocate. In order to fully maximize your range of possible careers, you should start searching for jobs early, preferably online. The best time to begin this is one year before graduation - the summer holidays are a great time to begin looking.

Here are some websites you can use to setup automatic email alerts (Note: These websites are not sponsored by APSU, just offered as a starting suggestion):

If you want to find out more about other job search website, here is a ranking of the best job search websites

The companies listed here employed our CSIT graduates.


Global management consulting and professional services company.
Click here for details
(use "filter results" to narrow search)



Asurion (based in Nashville, TN), provides device protection and support services for smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics, appliances, satellite receivers and jewelry.
Click here for details (need to narrow search)


BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee

BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee is the largest health benefit plan company in Tennessee. It is an independent, not-for-profit organization governed by its own board of directors. Lots of IT jobs in Chattanooga, TN.
Click here for details (need to narrow search)



Multinational auto and truck parts manufacturer. The company is one of the largest manufacturer of tires in the world.
Click here for details (Bridgestone America, you need to narrow search)



A UK-incorporated multinational professional services firm with operational headquarters in New York City in the United States. Deloitte has more than 100 officers throughout the United States.
Click here for details



A Wisconsin based health care software company that makes systems in practically every aspect of medical care.
Click here for details


FAST Enterprises

Works with governments to implement systems used to administer a wide variety of programs.
Click here for details



Advisory services, healthcare supply chain, workforce and clinical integration.
Click here to details (need to narrow search)



One of the nation’s leading providers of healthcare services.
Click here for details (select "job class" to narrow search)



Health Information Technology company based in Nashville, Tennessee.
Click here for details
(you can narrow search)


State of Tennessee Government

Click here for details (select "search criteria" to narrow search, veteran friendly)


Vanderbilt University & Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Vanderbilt University & Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Multiple IT jobs available.
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