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Resume and Cover Letter Help

Career Services offers a FREE review service for professional documents, including resumes, CVs, cover letters and personal statements for APSU students and alumni.  You may submit your documents as an attachment via email at: careerservices@apsu.edu.  Please send either Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) or PDF documents.  We will not accept links.  Tell us about yourself in the body of the email.  Send the following information when submitting documents for review:

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Please note that all document reviews have a 3 - 5 business day turnaround.  

Student Resume and Cover Letter Packet

Click the Resume Guide to download a copy of the Student Resume and Cover Letter Guide.  

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 Resume Template Examples by Type

Resume Template Examples by College and Major

General Resume Template 

This template is a general chronological resume that includes typical resume sections (Education and Work Experience), as well as Relevant Courses and Skills sections. You may edit this template to add your own experiences and preferred sections. If you do not have work experience not related to your program of study, it’s important to use a resume template that has relevant course work. It is also important to highlight any transferable skills that may apply to your program of study from your past work experiences, classes, research, service learning and campus/community involvement (critical thinking, verbal and written communication, teamwork, problem solving, etc.).

Important reminders: Pay close attention to the bold, italics, and position of each component on the resume. They are in this format to highlight or provide structure to the document. There are no periods in the job duties sections. Use action verbs to begin each job responsibility/duty statement (past tense for past jobs and present tense for current jobs). Remember the goal is to keep your resume to one page plus a reference page. Non-traditional students and veterans may also have a longer resume, but the focus should be on related experiences and not be more than 10 years back unless it's directly related to the position you are applying for as a candidate.

College of Arts and Letters Resume Template

This template can be modified to fit most majors.  The example shown highlights research. If you don’t have research experience, you can easily modify that section to feature internship experiences, club and/or organizational experience, awards/honors, etc.

For theatre/dance or art majors, instead of a research section, you may want to change the heading to PERFORMANCES or EXHIBITIONS. List your performances/exhibitions, any volunteer work with performances (even if you did not perform), any outside performances/exhibitions (not APSU-affiliated) and highlight the skills that those productions or art exhibitions required. For every performance or exhibition, you will need to list the month(s) and year.

The key to any resume is understanding what the job description is asking for in a candidate. You want to include as much of those desired skills that you have to offer the employer. Remember the goal is to keep your resume to one page plus a reference page.

College of Business Resume Template 

This template can be modified to fit most majors. This example highlights the experience of a typical Accounting major. It will also work for Finance, Management and Marketing students. For all other majors, the Work Experience section heading can be changed to include internships, campus involvement, or volunteer experience, especially if you do not have work experience.

Remember to outline your hard and soft skills. For accounting and finance, it will be important to note hard skills that are technical related, especially if there is specific software that is used that you have experience with through classroom or work experience (Excel, QuickBooks, etc.). Other students can edit the specified sections to include relevant courses. For marketing, consider including links to your portfolio of projects or work that you have performed whether it was paid or volunteer. You should develop this portfolio on a standalone website, add examples to your LinkedIn account, or explore other digital platforms (Behance, Issuu, etc.) where you can create an online display of major projects completed for school or work. 

Remember to highlight key skills that employers are seeking in their job descriptions (if you have those skills). The key to any resume is understanding what the job description is asking for in a candidate and including the skills employers seek throughout your resume. 

College of Behavioral and Health Sciences Resume Template
Political Science Research Resume Template
School of Nursing Resume Template
Social Work Template

Please see the attached resume templates for different majors within the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences. The templates highlight specific information for Political Science, Nursing and Social Work majors. The first template can be adapted for any major within the College of Behavioral Sciences except for Nursing.

If you are listing Work Experience outside of your major area (it's OK if you do), the key is to highlight transferable work skills, such as communication, problem solving, flexibility, adaptability, interpersonal skills, initiative, work ethic, teamwork, etc. These could be highlighted as strengths or skills in the last section. You may rename sections if needed. If you do not have Leadership & Involvement experience to list, you could substitute Organizations & Volunteer Work, if you have actively participated with either on a continual basis.

Typical guidelines would include one page plus a reference page for undergraduate students. Master’s level students can add an additional page plus reference page (three total pages). 

 College of Education Resume Template

This template highlights practicum (student teaching) experiences, certifications obtained, and any class observation experience obtained through your studies. It also highlights general skills that most employers may ask for in a job description. Please customize this template to feature your own skills and experiences.

If you have outside work experience, you can include these roles, but remember to reflect back at the job description for key skills that the employer is seeking. What transferable skills do you have from those outside job experiences? Those are the ones that you include on your resume by describing those duties or accomplishments within those outside roles. Focus on skills like leadership, teamwork, problem solving, etc. 

You may have on campus involvement with an organization or society. If you had a leadership role, that might be something you want to include. Remember the goal is to keep your resume to one page plus a reference page. 

 STEM Resume Template
STEM Internship Seeker Resume Template

These templates for the most part can be used to highlight your hard and soft skills and any related experience in your field of study. The key to any resume is understanding what the job description is asking for in a candidate. You want to include as many of those desired skills in your resume as possible. If you don’t have experience in the field, such as an internship/co-op, then consider editing the heading of that section to something you do have experience in that showcases your transferable skills, such as research projects, project management, community or campus involvement, etc.

Maybe you served as a leader within an organization. You could highlight any duties or activities that you used in that role, including communication, organization, etc. Think about the top skills employers are seeking in their job description when editing these documents.

There is also an internship resume template for STEM. The example highlights your experience from relevant coursework and any other work experience that could help land you that internship. It lists military work history and internship information, but you can easily change it to feature civilian (non-military) experiences. Add work and organizational experiences that are unique to you and set you apart. You may not have already had an internship, so consider deleting that section and adding relevant experience you have had.