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English: Concentration Linguistics

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Why Study Linguistics

Would you like to become an expert in literature, literary criticism, linguistics, publishing, or creative writing? Would you like to be an even better teacher, author, scholar, or researcher? Are you interested in exploring new ideas about the way we represent ourselves to ourselves? Would you like to publish your own writing, either scholarship or creative writing (or both)? Our program will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and professional development to accomplish your own goals in the world of writing and literature.

The MA in English provides both scholars and current teachers with a broader knowledge of literature in English, in-depth study and practice of literary criticism and theory, and the skills needed to search and find valuable source material in the archives. A thesis option is designed to help students generate important and publishable scholarship or creative writing. The faculty outnumber the students, providing unparalleled access to faculty in your field of interest. The skills you learn in our program prepare you for a doctorate program as well as a career in a field of your choice, including: Author, Linguist, Critic, Literary Agent, Legal Researcher, Librarian, Reporter, Science Writer, Campaign Manager, Public Relations Manager, Social Media Manager, Teacher, Professor, Content Creator etc.

The high number of faculty in proportion to students means that you will have unique access to distinguished professors to help guide you through your own work or, in some cases, partner with faculty on research and writing. Many of our MA students have assistantships that cover tuition costs and provide a stipend at levels tailored to each students needs, such as part-time – or even quarter-time. Assistantships give graduate students opportunities to teach undergraduates in both literature and composition courses, work in the writing center, or even assist with editing and publishing professional academic and creative journals. We cherish our graduate students and our graduate program, providing mentorship, guidance, and challenging critical study.

The English Faculty of the Department of Languages and Literature have expertise in literary study (all of English Literature, all of American Literature and, in partnership with Languages, Classics, African Literature, and South American Literature), rhetoric, composition, pedagogy, creative writing (poetry, fiction, and nonfiction), publishing, technical writing, as well as linguistics. Our department includes and collaborates with experienced scholars specializing in African American Studies, Native American Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies. Additionally, our faculty have a distinguished record of research and scholarship.

Admission Requirements

For information related to admission requirements or to view the courses within each program, please visit the graduate bulletin.

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English: Linguistics, MA

Beatrix Brockman

Beatrix Brockman

Associate Professor of Languages and Literature

Dr. Brockman has a Phd in German from Vanderbilt University. She teaches elementary as well as intermediate German classes, but also Phonetics and Conversation and Upper Level Literature Classes. Dr. Brockman also teaches WGS 2050 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies, as well as English core classes from ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020 to ENGL 2330.

“I love to see growth. I love to see lightbulb moments, whether I teach German or English. Former students often tell me years later how the skills they learned in my classes helped them make connections in others, how me pushing them to try/work harder paid off later.”