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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

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Why the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate

Students who are interested in teaching children or adults who are non-English native speakers online, abroad, in local non-public school system settings, such as ESL institute, private schools, international English Language Training companies, etc., will benefit from the academic and professional opportunities offered by TESOL program at APSU.

This 6-month online TESOL certificate program at graduate level is designed for candidates who are interested in possessing a high level of knowledge of contemporary theories, pedagogies, and research in TESOL curriculum and instruction, and/or pursuing a position of teaching English as a second/foreign language to adult or child learners in the United States or abroad. Upon successful completion of the 18 credit hour interdisciplinary coursework, candidates will be awarded a TESOL certificate. All the credit hours are eligible to be transferred to Master of Arts in TESOL.

Throughout the TESOL Certificate program, which is offered by College of Education at APSU accredited by CAEP/NCATE, students will be engaged in current research in several academic areas including linguistics, literacy, assessment, and pedagogy related to TESOL/ELL, and will be provided opportunities to gain authentic TESOL/ELL teaching experience through completing field teaching capstone projects in
authentic ELL classrooms, local or abroad. Excellent graduates will be recommended to appropriate teaching positions in partner institutes/colleges/schools, local or abroad.

The TESOL Certificate program is developed and taught by TESOL/ELL-credentialed faculty who bring their unique expertise, years of handson experience of teaching TESOL/ELL, and practical insight into the classroom, and prepare candidates to be successful classroom teachers in a wide variety of institutional settings and cultural contexts, within and outside of the United States.

Admission Requirements

 For information related to admission requirements or to view the courses within each program, please visit the graduate bulletin.

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Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificate