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Aviation Science: Concentration Rotor-Wing

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Why study Rotor-Wing

APSU’s Aviation Science Program is the only four-year rotary-wing flight program in the state of Tennessee. Unlike many flight training facilities in the region, the APSU Aviation Science program is staffed by full-time faculty, well experienced in rotary-wing aviation training. Successful students will receive a well-rounded undergraduate education in addition to the ability to obtain FAA Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor certification. The combination of FAA certification and Bachelor's degree will make graduates more competitive in the career market. Because the program holds FAA, Part 141 certificated flight school status, students will receive more consistent flight training.

The program is designed to take students with no aviation experience and have them successfully complete the program.  Despite this, students that possess a passion for aviation, and who bring a professional attitude to the program will gain more from this program.

The bachelor’s degree will support any student who desires to pursue competitive careers in flight instruction, aerial tourism, charter operations, and numerous other aviation applications. Students are taught hands-on and academic skills in a professional setting and receive personal attention from their instructors. Flight skills and academics are taught in a recently renovated, aviation oriented facility located at Clarksville Regional Airport (Outlaw Field). Currently, there is a huge demand for helicopter pilots (Helicopter Pilot Shortage). Many of our students are instructing for pay, prior to graduation.

All flight and academic instructors are FAA Certificated Flight Instructors (CFI), with most also being Certificated Flight Instructor, Instrument (CFII).

What Will I Learn


Sample Course Plan and General Education Requirements

Rotor-Wing Sample 4 Year Plan

General Education Core


Program cost

This program is subject to all university tuition rates and other applicable fees. For a list of the current rates, visit the Student Account Services site here. This program is also subject to other fees including Flight Instructor lab fees and Flight Training Device fees. Click here for a full list of Aviation Science fees.

Charles Weigandt

Director of the Aviation Sciences program

Weigandt is a 24-year U.S. Army veteran and founding member of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment. After his service, Weigandt spent an additional 14 years as a contract flight instructor.

“I can speak from personal experience, having my bachelor’s degree before I went into the Army gave me an edge competitively when it came time for promotion and selection for programs,” Weigandt said. “That’s what we will give our students; it isn’t just the certificates, but also that degree to make them more competitive in the job market.

“This is an obvious draw for veterans and active-duty soldiers, and the veterans educational benefits is a huge opportunity for them. It brings in a new and dynamic program to the University, one that is very visible and exciting.”