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Communication Media: Concentration Broadcast Media

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Why Study Broadcast Media

Potential students for this program come from a broad variety of backgrounds. Potential interests include: video production, tv broadcasting, radio broadcasting, film production, audio production, content creation, podcasting.

Video and Audio production are increasingly important skills in the communication industry. Our program will provide you with hands on experience from the day you step on campus. Learn all aspects of the broadcast media industry, media production, and make connections to local broadcast stations and media production studios. Or, take what you’ve learned and strike out on your own as a content creator. Our program aims to help you build your portfolio and have you ready to create the day your graduate.

Our faculty have decades of collective experience in the broadcast industry. Learn from faculty with experiences including: radio station operator and manager, documentary film producer, journalist, news producer, filmmaker, and podcast producer.

What will I Learn

Sample Course Plan and General Education Requirements

Communication Media: Broadcast Meda (B.A.) Sample 4 Year Plan

Communication Media: Broadcast Media (B.S.) Sample 4 Year Plan

General Education Core

Meghann Stamps

Broadcast Media major

Stamps has fostered her love for anchoring with Austin Peay's robust Communication programs.

“I always knew from a young age – from a very, very young age – that I enjoyed talking, especially on camera. I just knew this is what I wanted to be.”