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Philosophy and Religion: Concentration Philosophical Studies

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Why study Philosophical Studies

The Philosophical Studies Concentration offers courses that broadly explore the nature of reality and human existence.  This includes the study of metaphysical issues like free will and the existence of God, ethical inquiry into value and obligation, and political philosophy regarding legitimate government and justice. The program is rigorous and stresses the importance of analytical and critical thinking skills that focus on how to think rather than what to think. Our philosophy classes involve extensive discussion and debate, and are, by design, generally small enough to allow students to get individual attention. The program is excellent preparation for a wide range of future pursuits, including graduate school or law school, and careers in most any area, including business management, government administration, editing, journalism, and teaching.  Our alumni have an excellent record of acceptance to graduate schools and career placement.  Outside of the classroom, Austin Peay’s Philosophy Club is very active, meeting regularly to discuss issues, hold forums and debates, watch movies, and otherwise have fun while engaging with philosophical topics.

What Will I Learn

Sample Course Plan and General Education Requirements

Philosophy and Religion Philosophical Studies (B.A.) Sample 4 Year Plan

Philosophy and Religion Philosophical Studies (B.S.) Sample 4 Year Plan

General Education Core